Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things I Like About Winter

Like my blogbuddy Bridget, I love winter. I think that's because in the past few years, I'm really not liking summer at all. We get days of brutal humidity, and the heat is intense, and I am not into it.  I end up sitting inside until after dinner, when I can go and walk.  So, what is the point.  I am fair skinned and it just doesn't agree with me.

So why is winter great?  Here ya go:

1. It's cold. No perspiration.
2. I'm a knitter- we live for this.
3. I'm now a spinner- don't need an excuse to be indoors.
4. Tea.  I drink tea in the summer, but it tastes better in the cold weather.
5. I get to wear my moccasins.  I love my moccasins.
6. My men's worksocks- which I even wear with my skirts. It's a look, you know.
7. Outdoors looks so pretty covered in snow.
Here is a pic of the backyard this morning.  No tracks in the snow. We've had alot of snow this winter.
8. Getting in bed, under the flannels, and reading a great book.
9. I love soup, especially homemade.  Nothing like coming home and having some homemade soup.
10. My fireplace. It's gas, but I love it. It's so warm.

I could have probably listed more than 10. I am looking forward to some of the Sochi Winter games, especially the ice skating.

I have a FO.  I thought it would be interesting to check out Craftsy, and chose the squirrel sweater.  I am not a fan of the yarn, but I was more interested in the techniques, how they are presented, and Amy Detjen is a Meg Swansen/EZ scholar, so they are very technique oriented.  And it's a good class- Amy is a very engaging teacher, funny, and explains and demonstrates well.

I knew I wouldn't be happy, because I didn't like the recommended yarn from the start, so it wasn't so much about the finished product.  I did make a few alterations, but well, here's what it looks like.
The neckline is baggy. I may fix it. I may not.  Once I'm done with a project, I'm done.  I think I'm done like dinner on this.  But my short-row technique has improved, I enjoyed the stranded yoke, and all-in-all, I got what I paid for.  Onward to something I am totally stoked about:
A while back, Jamieson & Smith aka The Wool Brokers came out with Shetland Heritage.  Recreating the natural dyed colours of classic Shetland yarns, this is very exciting. It is slightly finer than the jumper weight, so I decided to try one of the kits for a hat inspired by one in the collection of the Shetland History Museum.  It seems to be much softer as well, and lovely to work with.  Love it.
I have plans to make some accessories for Twisted Traditions, and it has been a problem finding some hand mannequins that didn't creep me out.  These are fabulous- made of light wood and totally poseable- and come in different sizes.  I think they look fab on their own, but also useful. You can get them from this amazing seller, where else, on Etsy.

So let's see, I have some wonderful upcoming projects for this year, spinning fiber, my fireplace, tea, and snow outside.  Life is pretty good.

And the kittens, let's not forget the kittens. Howard is doing his kittyloaf impression.


Chris said...

I hate winter. I'm so over cold and snow.

The squirrels definitely make that a fun sweater!

Bridget said...

Us winter folk have to stick together! :-)

That is an adorable squirrely sweater, but I also understand your thoughts of once something is done, you are done with it.

Stay warm!

mrspao said...

I love winter, too. I'm so happy to break out the knits! :)

What a cute sweater!

Nicole said...

Tea, knitting, and soup: why does anyone need more reasons than that to love winter? ;)

Love the kitties, too.