Friday, January 3, 2014

Hold the Hallmarks

We were together,
I forget the rest.

Walt Whitman

I subscribe to a money e-mail, Smart Cookies (this will take you to an Instagram link), and while I am not a person who thinks romantically about my life, and don't anyone ever dare give me a Hallmark sucky card, I have been thinking about the subject of resolutions, and why we make them.

Basically, money and fitness are the two subjects that are the biggest.  But change is hard, isn't it?  So maybe I need to think in terms of "feel good factor"- the things that make me feel good or accomplished and look at it from that angle. 

I sure hope that I am realistic enough to know that I will never be "rich" in terms of money, but money is a means to an end.  If I have a roof over my head, food and friends and family to share things with, then I am rich.  I won't deny that nice clothes and a car and enough craft supplies to sink a barge aren't nice to have, but they aren't necessary.  It is amazing how the things we thought we couldn't do without, are really, superfluous. 

It comes down to choices, and I am the first to admit that I can be compulsive when it comes to money. I hope I have reached a point where I can decide, based on how it makes me feel, to spend on something or not.

Sure, purchasing that new pair of shoes that I didn't need may give me a high for about an hour, but in the long term, no.  My big weakness is new yarn and new fiber.  Internet shopping.  It's too damned easy.  And by the time it arrives, the thrill is long over.

And it can all be justified. "It was such a good deal!"
                                          "It's only available for a limited time!"
                                          "I'll NEED that, it was on SALE!"

Sucker, thy name is Lorraine. We don't really want the things, we want what they represent.

When my spending is out of control, I know I am not in a good place.  I am going to make the changes.
Because when the bill comes at the end of the month, it doesn't make me feel good.

I am going to ask "how is this making you feel?"

As long as you aren't hurting others, do what gives you a sense of peace and accomplishment.  Because your feelings are what is important.

The only person you need to impress favourably in this life is yourself.


Bridget said...

Well said, and 100% true.

Anonymous said...

There is more to life than money. There is Love.

mrspao said...

Good on you! I think time is the greatest gift we can give someone. I love giving a special gift of a day of help around the holidays to a friend of mine.

Laura said...

Good thinkin', Linkin'. Material possessions, while enjoyable in a manageable quantity, are no replacement for the real riches of life.

Aside from only spending money when it makes you feel good, it might help to set yourself a dollar amount to spend on shopping per month. I did this and only went over twice last year - for much of the rest of the time I was under. Also, in terms of clothing and shoes, I've found it helpful to resolve to donate a like item from my closet every time I purchase a new one. This helps me wear everything I own regularly and makes me reconsider buying something if I can't think of what I'm replacing with it.

There's my unsolicited advice for the day.

Happy birthday to Tino :)

Gale NoName said...

Your sentiments are echoing mine at the moment.