Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things On Your To Do List

On Tuesday mornings, FC puts out the garbage. This is a fundamental difference in our personalities. He is a last-minute kinda guy.  I would have it out the night before. However, if I take on garbage duties it will be mine forever.  So, I don't.  He's out there freezing his keester off.*

At this time of year, the list is pretty long. Here's the ten:

1. Wrap gifts. (did it all yesterday)
2. Bake cookies- Laura is coming over and we'll do it together.
3. Make a budget that I can stick to in 2014- ya right.
4. Organize bills and stuff for taxes.
5.Write cards- did that on Sunday.
6.Try and get the Raging Success to clear his room up.(sure)
7.Try and get FC to clean up the downstairs room (uh huh)
8. Get Laura to do my hair.
9. Wash kitchen and bathroom floors- hands and knees stuff.
10. Relax- and watch all the Christmas shows.
Actually, because I missed the Parade this year, I watched on the laptop. Tino was fascinated.
Howard slept through it. I understand that Mr. Ford was asked not to attend.  How hilarious is that?
I have finished another scarf/shawl thing. It's been pretty cold, and will be all week.

Time to put my feet up and watch the Grinch.

* I just returned from the GO Station, and I saw 2 people wearing NO SOCKS- and one had on shorts.
I am not kidding.


Gale NoName said...

I saw some of that crazy shorts and no socks thing too this morning. Nuts.

Nicole said...

Shorts. In this weather. Insane.

mrspao said...

Beautiful shawl! Hope you achieved all your to dos.