Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Housekeeping Shortcuts

December, eh?  After having a slight meltdown last week, my friend and I went and did a blitz of shopping, and got a few things to finish our lists. Now I can relax a bit, although I need to wrap and bake, but I can take my time.

I'm the type of person that if I know something needs to be done, it will bug the hell out of me until it's done.  Probably to a fault- and I've tried making lists, and setting schedules but I don't like regiments or rigidness. So I just get on with it, in a haphazard sort of way.

1.Keep the entranceway to your home clear, and that way people will think the whole place is tidy.
2. I like the floors clear, and I sweep the kitchen and bathroom every day. I wash them every couple of weeks.
3. Get rid of stuff so you can dust your surfaces. I will avoid dusting anyplace that requires moving a ton of knick knacks (isn't that a stupid phrase?) so I got rid of a whole pile of it.  I hate anything "decorative" like vases lined up- what purpose do they serve?  So, unless I love it or need it, it goes.
4. Keep your bathroom tidy- wipe the counter (after you have cleared it off) and make sure the toilet is clean- at all times. Nothing is nastier than going to someone's house, and having to wee, and blech. That stays in my mind forever.
5. One challenge I face is keeping my kitchen counter clear- so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
6. Wash your dishes, and scrub the sink.  The first room you see into is my kitchen, and I like it to be tidy and don't want used dishes sitting around.  The guys who live here are a challenge because they use a glass and leave it on the counter. That's why we have a dishwasher.
7. If you leave things for a long time, like laundry or vacuuming, it is 10x worse, so at least once a week, devote an evening or morning to it. It really doesn't take that long.  I like laundry, but I hate to vacuum so I'll come over and do your wash if you vacuum my house. Deal?
8. Put things away- file papers, return the tools to the toolbox, everything should have a place.  I hate wasting time looking for something because some asshat forgot to put it away. (can you tell it annoys me?)
9. Give perishables for gifts- cookies, chocolates, and things like that. Then once it's done, no one has to drag out that ugly mug you re-gifted so they don't offend you. If you don't like it, chances are no one else will.
10. Life is not about housework- it's about friends and family, and you would like your home to be a place people can feel relaxed in. Not a museum, and not a place that someone is afraid to sit in for fear of messing up the cushions.
 I made this Creel Hat and Mitts from an Anne Hanson pattern for FC. I may make the cowl too.
 Tino likes to play with the cord on the camera-
...and Howard wants to know what is in the box. It smells a little bit ovine.

ETA: This was in the mailbox this morning.


Laura said...

What helps me keep my kitchen counter clear is to decide what permanently belongs on it - Knives, teapot and kettle, KitchenAid mixer, Tassimo, etc. - and everything else has to go in a cupboard. If it can't, like oranges or tomatoes, then they go in a pretty bowl on the counter temporarily, and somewhere off to the side so you can still work on it. Wiping it down often also helps me to notice what shouldn't be there. Cats never belong on a counter or a table, but they sometimes disagree. :)

Another thing that helps me to keep bric-a-brac at bay - you know, things that don't really have a place - is to have a place for them, too, like a drawer. Go through it every so often to keep it tidy.

Simple Country Living is great for cleaning and organization tips like these.

Nicole said...

#1 is a great idea. An I love the yarn on those mitts!