Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 5 Favorite Sweater Patterns and 5 Favorite Yarns

Why does this topic seem familiar?  I think we did this not so long ago, but I'll happily blab about knitting at the drop of a hat.

I'm not really the type of knitter that makes the same things repeatedly, unless it's socks or mittens. I think I may tweak this list to what is in my queue- things I have been meaning to make forever, and who knows if I will. We all have to have goals, I guess.

1. Mary Tudor. I have the original Campion yarns for this, and one day.....one day I'll get to it. Since Tudor Roses has been reissued, I may have a look at the Hebridean version, which looks very rich and regal.
2. St. Brigid- I have some Lapwing Hebridean awaiting this.
3.I have just received this book, and there is a gorgeous pattern Wildwood Cabled Pullover which I think would be stunning in handspun.
4.I kind of want to do another gansey and this one (yes, it is a free pattern) is tempting. I would have to convert it to circular knitting, but that is not a problem.  The question is, being the slow knitter I am, do I want to devote the time?
5.Aranmor- in case you think I've gone a little Alice Starmore crazy, well, I have always been a huge admirer, and alot of her designs are classics.  If I'm going to invest time and money into a project then I want it to be something that won't look dated. That being said, let's move onto yarns-
6. Hebridean, both the 2 and 3 ply. Soft, but not flimsy.
7. Peace Fleece.
8. Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight and Jamieson's spinning Spindrift.
9. Most tweeds- Donegal is nice.
10. My new love is handspun. Nothing grabs me as much as knitting with earthy, rustic yarns, and the "flaws" are what make it beautiful. And you know no one else has anything the same.

Are you enjoying November?  The weather has been gray and windy- and up until today, fairly mild.  I love this time of the year.  Most of the leaves are gone, and it gets dark early.  It feels like living in a bear's den, ready for winter hibernation.

No kitten photos today- they are somewhere messing around the house. 


Chris said...

Ugh, I hate this time of year - so dark and dreary. :(

Sel and Poivre said...

I ADORE November - so dark and dreary :) Perfect for knitting and long, slow roasted dinners and soup and hot cider after walking the dog and about a million other things that just don't suit other months as well as this one!

I also adore it when you list your favourite yarns and patterns...can't do it too much for me!

Gale NoName said...

I am a fan of November as well. And your list is good too.