Wednesday, November 6, 2013


No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November.

I love November. The dark days and the smell of leaves- all crispy and shades of browns and golds.  Somehow things get quieter- until the Christmas rush.  Which will be here before we know it.

I have been sewing- onto tote bags now.  I went on a bit of a fabric binge-
 This is Christmas fabric- The Ghastlies, but in very unChristmas colours.
I have had this farmyard fabric in my stash forever- and I love the animals and the colours.
Here's the lining- I love those sheep. Pockets, of course.
I finished my Ruxton shawl- this is a detail of the edging which has acorns. LOVE it, and I hope to make more of Dee O'Keefe's shawls.
My Morticia is finished.  I'm not a huge fan of working with silk. I decided to add a crocheted beaded edging, and it sparkles beautifully with the beads throughout. I want to do another, non silk, in really Goth colours.
And Tino is making use of my basket quilt under the sewing table.  I got tired of evicting him.

Cats, eh?


Chris said...

Cats, eh. :) Those are great bags!

Gale NoName said...

Lovely shawls too.

Bridget said...

Lorraine - you have been busy! I love the bags, and that acorn shawl in particular is a good one.

Don't kitties usually win in the end??? ;-)

Laura said...

I love my Ghastlies tote bag that you made me!

I try to start thinking about Christmas gifts in October, and finish up selecting and buying them in November, so I don't have to panic in December and rush through throngs of people in the mall like a goombah.

LOOK HOW CUTE TINO IS! How could you ever evict 'ims!

Sel and Poivre said...

Those acorns are fabulous - especially in that yarn!

mrspao said...

You've got a friend for life under that table. He will keep on coming back :)

Lovely bags and shawls. I do associate you with lovely shawls :)