Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Ways You Are Embracing Autumn

I have my arms wide open when it comes to Autumn- the smell of woodsmoke, the amazing colours that nature comes up with, the crisp and cool weather- what is not to love? The oppressive heat and humidity of summer is behind us, and there are lots of things to look forward to.

1. I joined a BooKnits Halloween KAL- this one is called "Morticia" even though I am more of a Lily Munster person myself*.  I am using a beautiful silk/merino lace yarn from Hedgehog,  "Poseiden Dark" rich deep tones of purple and deep red- perfect for the theme. AND you want to know what else?  It came from my stash, even the beads. I bought nothing but the pattern.

2. Getting outside to enjoy the weather- I hope to resume my daily walks with FC. He has a torn meniscus in his knee that will hopefully get better with time- it won't repair but keeping it moving will be beneficial. We try to go every night after dinner.

3. Speaking of dinner, it is slow-cooker season and I have a beef stew simmering in it now. I toss the ingredients in the pot in the morning, and I don't think about dinner.  It is done and dusted.

4. Raking leaves- I love it.

5. Working on some quilting projects- I hope to complete a few table runners, and Winks is making one too.

6. We're also planning on doing Halloween cookies this year. Skulls, bats and pumpkins.

7. Craft sales-Fair November might be good.

8. I have a few large projects (apart from the quiltfromhell) that I would like to work on, a new Fair Isle, and some handspun sweaters.  I will take stock in the new year, and see what I can humanly get done- instead of wanting to do everything and burning out like I usually do.

9. Podcasts- I have discovered video podcasts and am so relieved to know that I am NOT the only loony out there- indeed- people even talk about it to the whole world.

10. Silly, but wearing my work socks makes me feel good. I love them.
* I have to get this out: The Addams Family grossed me out. Gomez slobbing up and down Morticia's arm, Uncle Fester was nasty, and those 2 spoiled brats Pugsley and Wednesday. It was a blatant rip-off of The Munsters, which was sheer genius.  That "Thing" hand coming out of the box? Blech.


Chris said...

I am resisting putting on socks. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

Hey I've got White Chicken Chile in the Crock Pot as I type and a husband with a torn knee bit too! (And now the Adam's Family theme song in my head - there's an ear worm for you - another creepy thing about that show!)

Bridget said...

LOVE the Munsters!

And I do love fall/autumn whatever you call it, whatever it really is. It's the best.

Laura said...

"7'3" without my shoes. I wear very thick socks." -Herman Munster

mrspao said...

I love that hen fabric! :)