Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You like To Do On An Extra Day Off

Snow day. Three day weekend. Family day- that kind of thing.  I like days like that because it is out of the usual routine. And days off have a different feel to them, you know. A Monday feels totally different to a Saturday.  Sunday is my least favorite day.

1. If it is a snow day, well you're out shovelling. I actually don't mind doing it.
2. Watch a movie from start to finish.
3. Do a clear out on a room- throw stuff out and wash the floors.
4. Go to a museum/art gallery/event. The Royal Winter Fair is coming up.
5. Cook something that takes time- throw in a stew or a roast.
8. Hang out with a buddy.
9. Read a book.
10. Go for a long walk in the hood.

I have been busy around the house. We are down one car, so FC takes mine to work.  This is good because that means I am not imposing all these errands on myself, so I can get up knowing I'm not going out.  Had to make a Costco run to buy Halloween candy. I don't buy too far ahead, because I may eat it.  That has happened before.

Sewing continues- I made a prototype tote bag, and I have had the farmyard fabric forever.  The Hedgehog project bag is for a special friend.
A blobby Morticia- I decided against the dangly cast off- and will block out the points. Tons of beads- but this was the small. I figured I could actually finish this one by the end of the KAL.
 Kooky Valentino-very loving, but oh so bad....
...and squishy Howard. He has taken up KC's spot on the sofa upstairs and keeps an eye on the squirrels.

Fleece out.


Gale NoName said...

Lovely bags Lorraine. Val has the same look that Six gets before she gets into trouble.

Laura said...

Love the tote bag - when you mess one up, give it to me ;)

It's a coincidence that I was actually thinking, on my way to work this morning, what I'd rather be doing if I had a day off. It included working on cross stitches and watching Fred Astaire musicals, and even doing a bit of laundry because fresh bedsheets are the best.

mrspao said...

Can you pop over here on one of your days? I need help with 3!