Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Did This Weekend

Tuesday? Already?  I cannot believe it's October 15- no way.

I've been busy. Onto the ten:

1. This was Thanksgiving for us. No turkey, no turducken, no bird of any kind. I got a small ham from the grocery store, FC made scalloped potatoes and Miss Mew made the most delicious pumpkin pie.  No pressure, it was great.
2. Sewing- I am excited to be using up some of my fabric- and tweaked a free pattern.  These are so much fun- project bags. I'm a bit of a bag ho.

I have alot of decorative buttons- so I added them to the bags.
3. Washing and ironing.
4. Friday was my 27th (gasp) wedding anniversary, so we went to the apple farm. So did most of Milton, apparently.
5. Watched movies- Rosemary's Baby, The House On Haunted Hill, The Tenant- and another one I can't remember.
6. Worked on my Morticia- finished Clue 2, Clue 3 is out today.
7. Knit on my Ruxton shawl- love this designer.
8. Knit a sock.
9. Went for a drive to look at leaves.
10.Played with the kittens- this Tino went berserk on some eggplants, tomatoes and beets I brought home-chewed up the eggplant, it was all over the floor.  Howard was MIA.
What a little fart he is.

Have a good week.


Gale NoName said...

Tino and the veggies made me laugh. Happy anniversary to you and FC.

Bridget said...

Happy [belated] Thanksgiving - it sounds perfect!

Also, happy [belated] anniversary, I hope you have many more happy years together.

The eggplant story *kills* me!

Monika said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds great! We didn't have any kind of bird either. Got some salmon...
Love your little bags, and the button you added. Nice way to use them.Poor eggplant, hehe ....

Chris said...

Belated happy Thanksgiving and anniversary! Looks like a great weekend - definitely a busy one! :)