Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday- 10 Chores You Hate Most

Sounds a little negative- so we'll do 5 I like and 5 not so much. 

1. I dislike putting away groceries. This sounds weird, but here's the deal. After I have made a list, gotten to the store, hopefully remembered to put the reusable bags in the trunk (you get points for every bag you use),
schlepped myself around the store (Costco being the worst), put all the stuff on the conveyer, PAY for it, bag it, schlep it in the trunk.......drive home, schlep it in the house, I have had it.
I never have enough room in the chest freezer, so I dump it in whatever way I can. FC thinks somehow that food gets fresher the longer you leave it in the fridge, and my cupboards are high, so I need a chair to put some of it away.

I always think that I could have had a sweater's worth of yarn/fiber, and just bought a few boxes of Kraft Dinner, margarine and a carton of  milk.  I'd be malnourished, but rockin' in a new sweater.

2. I like shopping, for books, clothes, kitchenware and dishes.  Sometimes shoes.

3. I dislike weeding the garden, because of the bending.
4. I like raking leaves
5. I dislike cleaning the bathroom- tons of hair on the floor, empty the garbage of whiskers and nail clippings. Scrubbing the tub (it's a soaker, so deep) and worst of all, cleaning the shower tiles. I bathe, I don't shower, why am I cleaning it?
6. I like having a spotless bathroom, and clean towels.
7. I dislike vacuuming.  I have had that machine for years and I still have no idea how it works.
8. I like doing laundry.
9.  I dislike cleaning out my china cupboards.
10. I like collecting dishes.

Not alot happening around here.  Alex is continuing therapy on his hand, and FC has had an MRI on his knee.  I seem to be in good health, unlike everyone else around me.

I've done some spinning-

...finished a sleeve....

...and am reassured that the squirrels are being watched by Howard and Tino.

Oh, and happy first of October. Yip! My door has been painted "Pumpkin Pie"


Gale NoName said...

I like the positive spin you put on it and your orange door.

Sel and Poivre said...

I agree! How great you mixed it up 50/50! (And I so hear you about the hair in the bathroom...yuk!)

Michelle said...

Most welcoming door I've seen in a long time! Happy October!!

EdeeMarla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the door!!
Picked up my Vogue and am keeping it in car for my next"you never know when"visit...for your autograph...lol....you rock LC!!

Chris said...

I think that buying (and putting away) groceries for one person probably isn't as bad as for a family!

mrspao said...

I love your front door!!

I hate cleaning the bathroom so I ask pao to do it.

Laura said...

I detest cleaning the tub and vacuuming. Those are JG's jobs.

If this were my list I'd add that I like dusting. There's something satisfying about a nice, clean, dust-free surface.