Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You like To Do On An Extra Day Off

Snow day. Three day weekend. Family day- that kind of thing.  I like days like that because it is out of the usual routine. And days off have a different feel to them, you know. A Monday feels totally different to a Saturday.  Sunday is my least favorite day.

1. If it is a snow day, well you're out shovelling. I actually don't mind doing it.
2. Watch a movie from start to finish.
3. Do a clear out on a room- throw stuff out and wash the floors.
4. Go to a museum/art gallery/event. The Royal Winter Fair is coming up.
5. Cook something that takes time- throw in a stew or a roast.
8. Hang out with a buddy.
9. Read a book.
10. Go for a long walk in the hood.

I have been busy around the house. We are down one car, so FC takes mine to work.  This is good because that means I am not imposing all these errands on myself, so I can get up knowing I'm not going out.  Had to make a Costco run to buy Halloween candy. I don't buy too far ahead, because I may eat it.  That has happened before.

Sewing continues- I made a prototype tote bag, and I have had the farmyard fabric forever.  The Hedgehog project bag is for a special friend.
A blobby Morticia- I decided against the dangly cast off- and will block out the points. Tons of beads- but this was the small. I figured I could actually finish this one by the end of the KAL.
 Kooky Valentino-very loving, but oh so bad....
...and squishy Howard. He has taken up KC's spot on the sofa upstairs and keeps an eye on the squirrels.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Did This Weekend

Tuesday? Already?  I cannot believe it's October 15- no way.

I've been busy. Onto the ten:

1. This was Thanksgiving for us. No turkey, no turducken, no bird of any kind. I got a small ham from the grocery store, FC made scalloped potatoes and Miss Mew made the most delicious pumpkin pie.  No pressure, it was great.
2. Sewing- I am excited to be using up some of my fabric- and tweaked a free pattern.  These are so much fun- project bags. I'm a bit of a bag ho.

I have alot of decorative buttons- so I added them to the bags.
3. Washing and ironing.
4. Friday was my 27th (gasp) wedding anniversary, so we went to the apple farm. So did most of Milton, apparently.
5. Watched movies- Rosemary's Baby, The House On Haunted Hill, The Tenant- and another one I can't remember.
6. Worked on my Morticia- finished Clue 2, Clue 3 is out today.
7. Knit on my Ruxton shawl- love this designer.
8. Knit a sock.
9. Went for a drive to look at leaves.
10.Played with the kittens- this Tino went berserk on some eggplants, tomatoes and beets I brought home-chewed up the eggplant, it was all over the floor.  Howard was MIA.
What a little fart he is.

Have a good week.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Ways You Are Embracing Autumn

I have my arms wide open when it comes to Autumn- the smell of woodsmoke, the amazing colours that nature comes up with, the crisp and cool weather- what is not to love? The oppressive heat and humidity of summer is behind us, and there are lots of things to look forward to.

1. I joined a BooKnits Halloween KAL- this one is called "Morticia" even though I am more of a Lily Munster person myself*.  I am using a beautiful silk/merino lace yarn from Hedgehog,  "Poseiden Dark" rich deep tones of purple and deep red- perfect for the theme. AND you want to know what else?  It came from my stash, even the beads. I bought nothing but the pattern.

2. Getting outside to enjoy the weather- I hope to resume my daily walks with FC. He has a torn meniscus in his knee that will hopefully get better with time- it won't repair but keeping it moving will be beneficial. We try to go every night after dinner.

3. Speaking of dinner, it is slow-cooker season and I have a beef stew simmering in it now. I toss the ingredients in the pot in the morning, and I don't think about dinner.  It is done and dusted.

4. Raking leaves- I love it.

5. Working on some quilting projects- I hope to complete a few table runners, and Winks is making one too.

6. We're also planning on doing Halloween cookies this year. Skulls, bats and pumpkins.

7. Craft sales-Fair November might be good.

8. I have a few large projects (apart from the quiltfromhell) that I would like to work on, a new Fair Isle, and some handspun sweaters.  I will take stock in the new year, and see what I can humanly get done- instead of wanting to do everything and burning out like I usually do.

9. Podcasts- I have discovered video podcasts and am so relieved to know that I am NOT the only loony out there- indeed- people even talk about it to the whole world.

10. Silly, but wearing my work socks makes me feel good. I love them.
* I have to get this out: The Addams Family grossed me out. Gomez slobbing up and down Morticia's arm, Uncle Fester was nasty, and those 2 spoiled brats Pugsley and Wednesday. It was a blatant rip-off of The Munsters, which was sheer genius.  That "Thing" hand coming out of the box? Blech.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday- 10 Chores You Hate Most

Sounds a little negative- so we'll do 5 I like and 5 not so much. 

1. I dislike putting away groceries. This sounds weird, but here's the deal. After I have made a list, gotten to the store, hopefully remembered to put the reusable bags in the trunk (you get points for every bag you use),
schlepped myself around the store (Costco being the worst), put all the stuff on the conveyer, PAY for it, bag it, schlep it in the trunk.......drive home, schlep it in the house, I have had it.
I never have enough room in the chest freezer, so I dump it in whatever way I can. FC thinks somehow that food gets fresher the longer you leave it in the fridge, and my cupboards are high, so I need a chair to put some of it away.

I always think that I could have had a sweater's worth of yarn/fiber, and just bought a few boxes of Kraft Dinner, margarine and a carton of  milk.  I'd be malnourished, but rockin' in a new sweater.

2. I like shopping, for books, clothes, kitchenware and dishes.  Sometimes shoes.

3. I dislike weeding the garden, because of the bending.
4. I like raking leaves
5. I dislike cleaning the bathroom- tons of hair on the floor, empty the garbage of whiskers and nail clippings. Scrubbing the tub (it's a soaker, so deep) and worst of all, cleaning the shower tiles. I bathe, I don't shower, why am I cleaning it?
6. I like having a spotless bathroom, and clean towels.
7. I dislike vacuuming.  I have had that machine for years and I still have no idea how it works.
8. I like doing laundry.
9.  I dislike cleaning out my china cupboards.
10. I like collecting dishes.

Not alot happening around here.  Alex is continuing therapy on his hand, and FC has had an MRI on his knee.  I seem to be in good health, unlike everyone else around me.

I've done some spinning-

...finished a sleeve....

...and am reassured that the squirrels are being watched by Howard and Tino.

Oh, and happy first of October. Yip! My door has been painted "Pumpkin Pie"