Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away

I'm a creature of habit. I think as we get further along in our life journey (i.e. we age) that we tend to find comfort in routines. I am well aware of this, as I had a parent who rigidly stuck to her routines, to the point that you couldn't talk to her on Monday as she was sterilizing the house, and Thursday was grocery shopping, no if's and's or buts, which goes back to the days when my father got paid on Thursday.  Nowadays we would psych analyze that, because everyone has a Psych Degree thanks to Dr. Phil and Google, but the point here is that I always bucked having a rigid schedule, for fear of turning out like her. When you think of it, parents can really do a number on you.

Onto the 10

1. My own bathroom, my own toilet, can't relax anywhere else.  The Chicago phone book doesn't help.
2. My own tea.  You cannot make tea in a hotel coffee maker.  It tastes like coffee tea which is vile.
3. Not liking eating in restaurants a whole lot.  So, my fridge.
4. Usually I'm pretty tired when I do travel, but sometimes the thought of how many different people have slept (or done other things) in the bed will tend to freak me out, so definitely my bed.
5. My electric toothbrush.
6. I have to shower because I wouldn't have a bath elsewhere.
7. All my makeup- because you need 10 colours of lipstick available at all times.
8. I pack light because I don't enjoy lugging a whole wardrobe of clothes, but I miss having the choice when I'm away.
9. Living in a house, you tend to take the quiet for granted, and people running up and down halls and talking on the other side of the wall is not the usual.
10. Canadian money. I know everyone says it looks like Monopoly money, but the colours help when you pay for something. American money is all the same.

And I do miss the kitties, although they are always well looked after.  No pics today, as FC is overhauling the system.


Fleece out.


Sel and Poivre said...

My list would be very similar. In fact when we travel we often rent condos rather than stay in hotels It doesn't only minimize missing things at home but we've discovered, makes the trip more interesting because its more akin toliving in a place than visiting.

Our kids love to tell about how for years of ski vacations we never had so much as a hot chocolate in the chalet restaurants!

Bridget said...

I agree with many of the things on your list.

And I am always giving people the wrong amounts of money for things, because I don't look closely ... and I grew up here!

mrspao said...

I've been hearing a lot about Canadian money recently as we are going to pilot polymer money from next year.

I like your list. :)

Nicole said...

Yes: I agree with so many things on your list. But I don't need help freaking out about the beds or tubs, thanks...

Chris said...

I like eating in restaurants, for any meal except breakfast. I want my damn gf peanut butter toast and OJ for breakfast. It requires a lot of contortions when traveling...

Laura said...

Not that I travel a whole lot, but even on little weekend trips I tend to miss just about everything on your list, plus my books.

Speaking of your mother's routine, don't forget watching Perry Mason! What night was that on? (Incidentally, watching Perry Mason at night is now firmly apart of my routine, and even helps me fall asleep. Do you suppose it runs in the family? ;)