Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Fun Never Stops

August 6-(giggle)- the first week of August is almost done, and last week was really cool and beautiful.  I'm not minding this summer one bit.  We had a holiday weekend, and I decided to start and finish a project this weekend. So-
 I made this "Springtime Bandit" for Miss Mew from a sparkly batt I got at Nunoco.  It's merino, and soft and colourful. I hope she wears it and it keeps her warm when she goes to work. The colour is called "Hummingbird".

I also made another Biscornu, this one with squirrels for another friend.  He is squirrel crazy, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't already have one of these.

I also started a sock. Nothing special.
Kittens are up to tricks, chasing each other all over the house like maniacs.  This is a brief rest period in between biting each other and finding toy mousies.

You have to watch yourself when you go down the stairs, because Tino likes to ambush you.

Fun times.


Gale NoName said...

Love the new shawl. It must be crazy fun watching those kittens tear around.

Bridget said...

Such a pretty shawl!

Kittens. Milo is a little bit over a year, and we still call him Nightmare on Four Paws ...

Chris said...

That shawl is stunning!!

Always been glad I don't have stairs - I'm sure Chaos would be lethal on them.

Nicole said...

Lovely shawl! It's gorgeous.

Ah, the joys of kittens... makes me glad Miss Suzy is now a (semi-)respectable adult kitty-girl.

mrspao said...

How did you knit that without kitten assistance?