Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I couldn't come up with 10.  I think there are 4.  I have a KitchenAid stand mixer (Empire Green) and a matching food processer, but I rarely make things that require a gadget.
1. An apple slicer that also cores the apple, which is simple but genius.
2. A mini grater, for fresh nutmeg.  ONLY use fresh- nutmeg loses all it's aroma and flavor once it's ground up.  Like pepper, only grind fresh.
3.  A thing that gets the lemon rind off- a zester?  Makes you feel like Julia Child.
4. My OXO Goodgrips peeler.  Anything from the Goodgrips line is fantastic.
 5. Ok, see that orange thing? It's called a "spoonula" and it's a hybrid of a spoon and a spatula.  Also, my favorite thing in my kitchen is the giant jug, that I got at "Say Tea" and makes me smile, and is useful.
 I've been ordering books from a site in the UK that my sister told me about, and got this one. It is being republished, but I borrowed the library one a thousand times, and for less than 4.00 (free shipping) can you go wrong?
 I made a pumpkin for a wee head.
 Another wee one joined the family, and I am desperately trying not to run out of handspun.
 Tino is grumpy when he wakes up.......
And Howard, is well, Howard.

Fleece out (and you may want to check out the September Vogue knitting- I won't say any more)


Rebekah said...

My favorite kitchen gadget, is my husband! I'm useless in the kitchen for the most part, he's a genius.

Well are you going to share what book place that is? I like the Book Depository. I get a lot of Niebling reprints from them.

Bridget said...

I didn't play along this week, because I just don't have that many kitchen gadgets. But I agree that yours are good choices.

Love those pumpkin hats!

And why are you bothering the kitties, Lorraine????

Nicole said...

Don't forget the Kitchen Aid! I love my stand mixer.

I'm with you on the Good Grips line. Love that stuff!

Chris said...

Good Grips rocks - I have that same peeler. :) And their pepper grinder is SO smart.

mrspao said...

I just got a Kitchen Aid - it is brilliant :) I also got a suitcase full of Kitchen Aid stick blender which is a great addition to my kitchen gadgets.