Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Kitty Tuesday

So here we are, the last week of August (yay) and heading for heat and humidity. I don't care, because September is upon us, and what can I really do about it anyway?

I can finish my socks:

read the pile of books I got from Awesome:
(the Paul Bern murder one is a load of hooey, and Mount Pleasant takes place in Toronto- I wasn't thrilled with the story, but it was okay)

quilt the quilt from hell:

hug a kitty- or two

Hugging Tucker is like doing 2 at once. I love that cat.

At the moment, I am playing nurse to FC and Alex (knee problems and hand surgery respectively) and I have spent an inordinate amount of time at doctors/hospitals. It doesn't worry me, because I am a knitter. We knitters never mind waiting around- we can get in some uninterrupted time.

Isn't it great?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I couldn't come up with 10.  I think there are 4.  I have a KitchenAid stand mixer (Empire Green) and a matching food processer, but I rarely make things that require a gadget.
1. An apple slicer that also cores the apple, which is simple but genius.
2. A mini grater, for fresh nutmeg.  ONLY use fresh- nutmeg loses all it's aroma and flavor once it's ground up.  Like pepper, only grind fresh.
3.  A thing that gets the lemon rind off- a zester?  Makes you feel like Julia Child.
4. My OXO Goodgrips peeler.  Anything from the Goodgrips line is fantastic.
 5. Ok, see that orange thing? It's called a "spoonula" and it's a hybrid of a spoon and a spatula.  Also, my favorite thing in my kitchen is the giant jug, that I got at "Say Tea" and makes me smile, and is useful.
 I've been ordering books from a site in the UK that my sister told me about, and got this one. It is being republished, but I borrowed the library one a thousand times, and for less than 4.00 (free shipping) can you go wrong?
 I made a pumpkin for a wee head.
 Another wee one joined the family, and I am desperately trying not to run out of handspun.
 Tino is grumpy when he wakes up.......
And Howard, is well, Howard.

Fleece out (and you may want to check out the September Vogue knitting- I won't say any more)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Fun Never Stops

August 6-(giggle)- the first week of August is almost done, and last week was really cool and beautiful.  I'm not minding this summer one bit.  We had a holiday weekend, and I decided to start and finish a project this weekend. So-
 I made this "Springtime Bandit" for Miss Mew from a sparkly batt I got at Nunoco.  It's merino, and soft and colourful. I hope she wears it and it keeps her warm when she goes to work. The colour is called "Hummingbird".

I also made another Biscornu, this one with squirrels for another friend.  He is squirrel crazy, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't already have one of these.

I also started a sock. Nothing special.
Kittens are up to tricks, chasing each other all over the house like maniacs.  This is a brief rest period in between biting each other and finding toy mousies.

You have to watch yourself when you go down the stairs, because Tino likes to ambush you.

Fun times.