Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- Ten Ways To Beat The Heat

Hey, it's mid July. How come I never realize that unless I am blogging? Which means (in my world and probably Bridget's) that we are halfway through summer, and thus closer to FALL, and gross heatwaves and blogging about heat will be over, for another year anyway.

Onto the 10-

1. Eat frozen yogurt.
2. Go to a mall with epic a/c-
3. What used to work when the kids were small was to fill a kids pool, let them play in it, and put your feet in it.  Of course, if I did that now with no kids and/or dog, it may appear strange. I still have the kids pool.
4. Don't cook (one advantage to summer)
5. Hang around by the lake.
6. Go to the splashpad - (see # 3) kids are probably required. No dogs allowed (but wouldn't it be hilarious?)
7. Close the curtains and blinds during the day.
8. Ceiling fans (ala Casablanca) really do help.
9. Have cool showers and birdy baths (my sister calls it that)
10. Think of polar bears and igloos. (What can I say? I ran out of ideas- the heat must be getting to me)

Tour de Fleece has been sort of slow for me- I did spin, and I hope to spin some more this week, but I was in the game. No pressures on Team Fat Cat, which is cool. 

Just for sh*ts and giggles, here are some pics from July's past-
 2010- North Bay, Ontario. This is Lake Nipissing. The water was low that year, and we were just in time for the shadflys.
2011- The Royal wedding year, my niece brought me back some tea from Heathrow.
July 2012- Rocky the bulldog comes to visit.

 Which brings us to 2013- kitties beating the heat.


Bridget said...

You bet I'm counting down until fall! :-)

Love the kitty pic - looks like as much dramatic lounging is going on at your house as there is at ours.

I really need to learn to spin ...

Chris said...

Why can't it be 75F with 15% humidity for ever and ever?!

mrspao said...

All of those sound like good ways to keep cool. I'm thinking about getting a chillow as night is worst when it is hot.

Nicole said...

Those sound like fabulous ideas! Though the kitties look hot, even though they are lounging.