Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man The Lifeboats

Lots of excitement going on the past few days in term of weather. There was a storm that dumped a record-setting amount of rain and 70% of this city lost power for several hours. People were stranded on GO trains, the subway was closed, flooding everywhere... total pandemonium. 
 And as you can see, this has upset Valentino and Howard greatly.
 Haven't got much done on Tour De Fleece, but it's about being in the game.
I'm finishing a pair of Monkey socks.......
And did a few more Biscornu's, which are addictive.

Stay cool- stay dry.


Chris said...

Glad it doesn't sound like you were affected too much!

Gale NoName said...

Did you guys loose power? We watched it on the news here in Hamilton, and it looked like the city did a decent job of getting going again.

mrspao said...

I'm intrigued by the biscornus! Love those snuggly kittens.