Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rochester or Syracuse?

I'm posting on Tuesday, not for 10 on Tuesday- just because that's the way it happened.  I've been having weather headaches for around four days now, which isn't pleasant because I've been taking T1's, but at least it isn't super humid and it's cool at night. Can't have everything.

Today, let's see, I'll be washing about 50 black t-shirts for The Raging Success (because part of being a RS is having clean clothes) which is okay because he cleaned and detailed my car.  Laundry is no big thing- vacuuming, well that's another whole deal. 

I've completed a pair of socks (Carrie K), and it took so long to do. I can make a thick pair in a couple of days, but these took over a week - with spinning in between.  These are Anne Hanson's "Flaming Desire"-

And I finished that Cotswold/Wensleydale fleece, spun and plied- it makes me happy.

Kittens, otoh, had their procedure on Friday, and were buzzed on painkillers for a few days.  But they're back to racing around the house now, which is as it should be. Howard likes the Rams & Ewes blanket.

I'm off to NYS this weekend to see my buddy and deliver her Great Wheel. I'll probably get some shopping done in Syracuse or Rochester, and be home Saturday night.  I'll be bringing Coffee Crisp, Mint Aeros and Chunky Kit Kat- it seems the US doesn't have everything.

Fleece out.


Gale NoName said...

Nice socks, cute cats.

Nicole said...

Mint Oreos? OMG, WANT!

Also, I love the socks! And am very glad the kitties are back to normal.

Jewel Rey said...

I hope for Pete's sake, that you have your house well-stocked of the aforementioned goodies for when I come to visit!!!

mrspao said...

Hope your headaches are ok now.

Love those kittens and those socks.