Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Would Bring On A Picnic

  Does anyone go on picnics anymore?  The last time I did the kids were little and we had KFC, which they adored, for some reason.  I like it cold, but haven't eaten it in a while- too greasy and salty. I'm on a new food regime- more veggies, more healthy stuff.  It sounds boring, but it's not- I actually look forward to making meals now- and feel better for it.

Okay- onto the list.

1. THIS- I made it yesterday and it was fantastic.
2. Probably cold chicken of some sort.
3. Fresh strawberries.
4. Those Blackfriar plums when they are in season.
5. Knitting
6. Sunblock
7. An old quilt.
8. Diet Dr. Pepper (once in a while I have pop)
9.Probably a bag of Kettle chips (Honey Dijon)
10. Disposable plates and stuff. I hate bringing home dishes to wash. Ick.

In other news.......
I finished this Cameo shawl- the second one I've made from handspun.

I picked some Lily of the Valley- it's one of those flowers that I like the scent of as a flower, but it doesn't translate artificially- like roses.  If it isn't from the fresh flower it smells like a funeral home, sort of putrid.

And, for some odd reason, Howard likes fresh water, but in order to drink it, he has to stick his paw in the dish and spill it on the floor first.  I've had to put 2 bowls of food out because Valentino was growling at Howard if he hogged the Iams.

Cats, eh?


Sel and Poivre said...

We go on picnics as part of little boat trips at the cottage. Once or twice a summer. Great fun! This post is making me look forward to them now!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh and I didn't even realize the Lilly of the Valley was in bloom yet - I must head out to the garden and grab some - as you say the scent isn't "tainted" with anything other than Spring!

Carrie#K said...

That looks so yummy!

Cats. Hez has to have water out of a short tumbler glass. Not a *bowl*. Apparently bowls are for animals.

I love your shawl! Handspun too! Awesome.

Nicole said...

Ah, cats. Crazy animals!

That quinoa salad looks great! We've been eating more veggies lately, too.

mrspao said...

We still go on picnics :) I also used to love cold fried chicken but I just can't eat it any more.

I love that shawl - the colours are gorgeous. I am highly amused by Howard's antics. Tamyra is a bit weird with her water too. She likes to check and see if things sink or float.

Monika said...

Your Cameo is beautiful! Love how it turned out. Oh, cats! :o)