Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Are Looking Forward To In May

It is almost May, isn't it? Geez.

1. Long walks outdoors- maybe going to some new neighborhoods.
2. Getting the back garden cleaned up.
3. Firing up the spitting turtle in the pond.
4. Wearing sandals.
5. Getting the kitties neutered (I hope)
6. Sitting on the porch.
7. Flowers
8. Planning what to spin for Tour de Fleece
9. Getting the inside of my car cleaned (my son does it)
10. Hanging clothes on the line.

I was having a hard time coming up with 10, as summer is not my favorite season. But you have to find good things about the warmer weather, as long as it isn't humid.

I'll leave you with a Valentino pic.
Doesn't he look cougarish?


Bridget said...

Lorraine - seriously, when I saw that photo, I thought it was a close up of a wild cat!

What a kissable nose ...

mrspao said...

What a cutie! I could kiss that nose :)

I like your list. I may even participate in the Tour de Fleece this year.

Carrie K said...

He looks very cougarish!

Nicole said...

I may have to do the tour de fleece this year, too. Also... firing up the spitting turtle? Wha?