Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday-10 Things You Always Bring On Vacation

This one made me laugh because I haven't taken a real vacation in years.  But if I did (just like that O.J. Simpson book- "I didn't kill Nicole but if I did......")here's a shortlist, not in any order.

1. Lipstick- I never leave the house without it.
2. Phone
3. Knitting
4. Extra underwear. I live in mortal fear of running out of clean ones.
5. Bathing suit- if we're going to a hotel with a pool.
7.A book- but I never usually read much. Can't read in the car.
8. Plastic bags, for laundry.
9. Toothbrush and toothpaste.
10. Snoopy pyjamas.

I'm not much of a traveler. I don't like flying, but I love car rides.  My maximum length of time without my own bed or toilet is 2 nights.  Then I want to go home. 

I will be driving to New York state to deliver this Great Wheel to a friend. It comes apart so I can fit it in my Rabbit.

The kittens are growing exponentially- I do nothing but dish out kibble and food all day. This is Howard who is into everything.....don't even think about closing a door on him or having private bathroom time.....

...and Valentino or "Tino" as we call him. Like his name, a great lover. 

Fun times.


Nicole said...

Oh gosh, not only did I forget to add knitting on my list, I forgot to add a book! (Or three.) I always bring both of those, but somehow they slipped my mind when I was writing my post. Maybe because they're such common travel companions?

Jewel Rey said...

How cute are the kittens! They're getting bigger. Kittens are like kids. If you keep feeding them, they'll grow. Just sayin.....

Chris said...

Is it my imagination, or does Tino have giant paws? Oh oh...

I like taking road trips a lot more than I like flying. And I pretty much have to be the driver so I don't get motion sick.

mrspao said...

Yes, Tino has huge paws :) I am totally in love with both of them. I do like to travel but haven't been able to do so for a while but my last 'vacation' was a lovely housesit for a friend.