Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

I didn't take part in the "Ten On Tuesday" and life has been random lately, so random it will be.

Some stuff that I have been doing, aside from choosing a paint colour for the walls.... I have a backsplit house which means that alot of the rooms are visible from each other- you can see the lower level from the kitchen, so I like the colours to flow.  I am repainting the living room, dining room and the majority of the upper and lower hallways.  This has taken up alot of my time, but I think a decision has been reached.
 I'm the type of person who loves to laugh, and moreover, appreciate anyone who has a great sense of humour, and sees the funny side of life, so when a friend requested a Chullo hat, I wanted to reflect some of  his personality in the colours and style. 
 Spinning continues.....
...and I received this package as a thank you from Fat Cat Knits. Recently, Ginny has made the move to opening her own studio/workshop and many people contributed.  I can't think of a better way to do it, and I wish her every success. That's "The Sky Is The Limit" on BFL- and a cool t-shirt.
Speaking of Fat Cats, my daughter adopted this 4 year old, rather Rubenesque feline, Tucker.  She is really pretty, and likes to drink water lying down. Welcome to the zoo, Tucker. You'll fit in perfectly.

Fleece Out-


Bridget said...

Oh Lorraine, I LOVE that hat!

Tucker looks like our Jetsam, who is rather, shall we say, "full figured." But a real sweetie.

What does KC think of this development???

Gale NoName said...

The hat is fantastic! When does the painting start?

Rebecca said...

I really love the colors in the hat, too! I won't say 'Have fun painting' because I know how much work is involved but I will tell you to enjoy the outcome!

Monika said...

That hat looks wonderful! I love orange and light blue together. I choose a second tote bag over the T-shirt, but now I want a T-shirt too. :o)
That new cat is a looker! How's Quinn doing?

mrspao said...

Oooh now that Tucker is pretty. Lovely thank you gifts, too.

I hope your decorating project is going well.

Nicole said...

I love the spinning fiber! Awesome stuff!

And welcome to the new kitty. I'm sure Tucker will fit into the family just fine.