Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lost and Found

I wasn't ready to post this, and I hope it won't be too lengthy.  Very suddenly, we lost our darling Kitten-Chow on Monday. He was having trouble breathing, and I noticed he wasn't himself, although he was eating, but I made a vet appointment for the next day, being Tuesday. By the time FC got home, he was laying on the couch, and his eyes told me it wasn't good.  Turns out my big boy had an enlarged heart, and fluid was in his lungs.  I kissed his head, and said goodbye, and was utterly devastated, as you can imagine.
He was always there, and now he wasn't.  A day did not go by that he didn't make me smile. We sang songs about him, made up names for him, tolerated his badness, he was a force to be reckoned with. Well, as many of you know, those blog buddies of mine who's babies are Chaos, Mayhem, Atticus, Mae, Gandolf, Malcolm, Jetsam, Tamyra, Hez, Suzy, Tikka, Slushie, Mia- forgive me if I have missed anyone, I am not at my best now.

A couple of days later, despite my better judgement, I looked up local cat shelters and couldn't believe it when I saw KC's doppelganger.  He was local, and I tried to contact the shelter, figuring that someone already had him, and it was an old ad.  I always felt very strongly that Kitten Chow found ME instead of the other way around, and somehow my father sent him to me, as he had passed away in 2003, and a few weeks later KC came into my life.  I strongly feel KC was urging me to find another kitten- and well, judge for yourself::

Pictures are courtesy of the foster mom, Devon.
This is Howard, and he is with his foster mom right now.  Howard has made fast friends with another kitten, Valentino, so guess who's coming to live here too.

The Condotta Zoo lives on.  


Chris said...


So, so, so sorry to hear about KC. :( Chaos' brother Diablo had to be put to sleep last summer and it was for an enlarged heart, too.

But I am glad KC sent Howard (and Valentino) your way (or you their way, whatever)!

*another hug*

Bridget said...

Oh Lorraine - I am just so sorry to hear about Kitten-Chow. I used to love to hear about him, and see his picture. But I am SO glad that you got to be with him, because as I've said before, we should all be so lucky.

I am however, very happy to hear that he
sent two others who need you your way - he is still looking after you! And they are cuties, that's for sure.

(Though Jetsam says he would have gladly sent two orange cats your way and was willing to pay the shipping himself.)

God bless Kitten-Chow and all of you. xoxo

Gale NoName said...

Oh Lorraine. The loss of a beloved family member is so difficult. It is wonderful you can welcome new family members.

Sonya said...

Oh, Lorraine, I'm so sorry to hear about KC. I understand how awful it feels. I know the antics of two kittens will help. I'd say KC definitely had a hand in bringing Howard your way.

Monika said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your KC, Lorraine! It's also amazing that you found KC reincarnated so fast! I hope all goes well with the two new family members!

Michelle said...

Oh my! I am soooo sorry to hear the KC is no longer with you :( xo

mrspao said...

I am so sad to hear about KC. He was such a character. It is so hard when the ones we love get ill and die so suddenly. KC left some big shoes to fill and I know that Howard and Valentino can only go some way to easing the heartache you are feeling right now. Sending you huge hugs from across the pond xx

Brigitte said...

The guys have been bummed out since I told them... They're going to miss their virtual buddy KC, as will I. I'm sure Kitten Chow is looking down right now and approves of Howard and Valentino. How can you go wrong with a tuxie and a grey kitty?

Hugs and purrs from us all.

Brenda said...

Lorraine, I'm so sorry to hear about KC. It's always hard to lose a beloved companion.

The resemblance between KC and Howard is astounding, and I know Howard and Valentino are very fortunate to be able to come live with you.

Lorraine said...

Just to say that everyone has been so kind, and sent such wonderful emails-
My blog buddies are simply the best- each and every one of you.

Nicole said...

*big hugs* Oh, Lorraine, I am so sorry. I hope the new additions to the family can help cuddle away the void.

Laura said...

We always used to joke that Chow was such big personality that he would outlive us all - I kind of believe it after seeing Howard. If he causes as much trouble or drives Dad half as crazy as Chowkins did, then Chow will definitely be proud!

In the meantime, if you need a fat, cranky cat to hug, you can always find Tucker in my bathtub.


Lorette said...

Lorraine, I'm so sorry. We just lost Riley, one of our pups, and it is so hard. It's a tough thing with pets, you know from the get-go that you will likely outlive them, but it's still hard when the inevitable happens.

Howard is quite handsome, and his name makes me laugh. I'm sure he and Valentino will soon have you smiling again.

Jewel Rey said...

As always, I'm late to the party, having just found out about this, this morning.

I always looked forward to seeing what The Chowster had been doing and Meems secretly loved him (as she always loves the bad boys).

I hope Howie and Big Val can bring you comfort and smiles, knowing Chow will always hold a special place in your heart.

Carrie K said...

Oh noooooo! I didn't know, I'm so sorry.

It does look like he sent you the kittens.

Cheryl said...

So sorry Lorraine. The day of the Marathon here I found Artemus(4) in a pool of blood so desperately trying to clean himself. I had to leave to get on the train to hear people yelling bomb as we were right under the sight, get to work to then treat the victims..went home that night and poor Artemus was not himself. A trip to the vet earlier, where Dh had to yell at them it was a not an infection, and showed them pictures of all the blood, they tapped his bladder and it was nothing but blood. He likely had bladder cancer and due to his bad heart waS not a surgical candidate. We had to let him go the next day. I was and continue to be devastated. Annabel was not eating and crying constantly so we now have two kitties. We got them at 5 weeks and they are almost 7 weeks, Barnaby and Chesterton are brothers. there isn't a day that goes by I don't question if I did the best fro Artemus. Sorry for your loss. I hope KittenChow and Artemus are romping together.