Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Would Do If You Won The Big Powerball Lottery

This is quite a question, because I guess alot would depend on how much you won, and I'm thinking if I ever did come into alot of money, the reality would be somewhat different. But, heck, I'll play along.

1.I'd buy THIS Land Rover Defender.
2. I would make sure that FC would never have to work another day in his life, if he didn't want to.
3. I would see that my kids were set for life.
4. I'd give my sister an annuity for life and buy her whatever house she wanted.
5. The same for my nieces and nephews.
6. I would buy a cottage on a lake.
7. I would have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Or 3.
8. I would probably see if the Black Christmas house is for sale and if so, buy that too.
9. Major contribution to The Princess Margaret Foundation.
10. Thumb my nose at all the idiots in life who start to kiss up to me because I now have money.

The last one would be sweet, let me tell ya.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random Randomness

March is coming to a close, and Spring is here. It's cold, but no point in complaining, although that's what I hear alot of people doing.  The bible quote from Ecclesiates "To everything, there is a season" is very true. There is no point in wishing for sun and sand, unless you travel south, in March. It will come in due course, and I think the secret of life is acceptance of what IS, rather than what you wish it will be.  I just put on another layer, and SO BE IT. It isn't a big deal.

Having said that, FC and I purchased an offset umbrella at Home Depot yesterday.  I didn't want to wait until they sold out, or raised the price.

My random thought that I wanted to write about was some of the major changes that have occurred over the winter, well, starting in September. Laura moved out and got her own apartment. Not far away, or anything, but I wasn't ready.  I am alot better now, but somehow it snuck up on me, and she is happy and enjoying her independence and her job, and I am so proud of her.  I didn't want to visit MY issues on her, and I will probably miss her every day for as long as I live.
I talk to her often, and that makes me feel better, but I think her leaving was a big part of adopting the dog.  That didn't work out, because aside from being a high energy breed, he started getting aggressive and snarling, as well as biting. If I walked him 3 times a day, it wouldn't have been enough, so he has found a home with another family that has 2 other dogs, and I think he is far happier. I was heartbroken.

Then, of course, the KC situation, and now I have the 2 kittens.  They are alot of fun and have made me very happy.  They will never replace my Kitten Chow, but these guys are going a long way to filling the void.
And kittens are alot of fun.

In other news, I have redecorated the front room, and will be getting some new furniture this week.  I hope the room will be a place I can relax and look out the window, play with my kitties and work on my projects.
I very seldom listen to music any more, unless I am in the car, so I hope to do that instead of falling into the Dr. Phil abyss- but I doubt I will give up Judge Judy.
 I have been doing some spinning.  I really love it- you start with the beautiful dyed fibers, which are one thing, you spin it, and it's another, then you ply it- and it changes again.  Knitting with handspun is amazing, and it looks completely different.
I love making these fingerless mittens, they are like little works of art.

I'll leave you with some kitten pictures, because it's been kittypalooza around here.  Easter is coming, and I hope to have roast lamb next Sunday, and my sister over.  We still do the chocolate rabbits and stuff.
Have a great week, and I'll do the big reveal of the living room next time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lost and Found

I wasn't ready to post this, and I hope it won't be too lengthy.  Very suddenly, we lost our darling Kitten-Chow on Monday. He was having trouble breathing, and I noticed he wasn't himself, although he was eating, but I made a vet appointment for the next day, being Tuesday. By the time FC got home, he was laying on the couch, and his eyes told me it wasn't good.  Turns out my big boy had an enlarged heart, and fluid was in his lungs.  I kissed his head, and said goodbye, and was utterly devastated, as you can imagine.
He was always there, and now he wasn't.  A day did not go by that he didn't make me smile. We sang songs about him, made up names for him, tolerated his badness, he was a force to be reckoned with. Well, as many of you know, those blog buddies of mine who's babies are Chaos, Mayhem, Atticus, Mae, Gandolf, Malcolm, Jetsam, Tamyra, Hez, Suzy, Tikka, Slushie, Mia- forgive me if I have missed anyone, I am not at my best now.

A couple of days later, despite my better judgement, I looked up local cat shelters and couldn't believe it when I saw KC's doppelganger.  He was local, and I tried to contact the shelter, figuring that someone already had him, and it was an old ad.  I always felt very strongly that Kitten Chow found ME instead of the other way around, and somehow my father sent him to me, as he had passed away in 2003, and a few weeks later KC came into my life.  I strongly feel KC was urging me to find another kitten- and well, judge for yourself::

Pictures are courtesy of the foster mom, Devon.
This is Howard, and he is with his foster mom right now.  Howard has made fast friends with another kitten, Valentino, so guess who's coming to live here too.

The Condotta Zoo lives on.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

I didn't take part in the "Ten On Tuesday" and life has been random lately, so random it will be.

Some stuff that I have been doing, aside from choosing a paint colour for the walls.... I have a backsplit house which means that alot of the rooms are visible from each other- you can see the lower level from the kitchen, so I like the colours to flow.  I am repainting the living room, dining room and the majority of the upper and lower hallways.  This has taken up alot of my time, but I think a decision has been reached.
 I'm the type of person who loves to laugh, and moreover, appreciate anyone who has a great sense of humour, and sees the funny side of life, so when a friend requested a Chullo hat, I wanted to reflect some of  his personality in the colours and style. 
 Spinning continues.....
...and I received this package as a thank you from Fat Cat Knits. Recently, Ginny has made the move to opening her own studio/workshop and many people contributed.  I can't think of a better way to do it, and I wish her every success. That's "The Sky Is The Limit" on BFL- and a cool t-shirt.
Speaking of Fat Cats, my daughter adopted this 4 year old, rather Rubenesque feline, Tucker.  She is really pretty, and likes to drink water lying down. Welcome to the zoo, Tucker. You'll fit in perfectly.

Fleece Out-