Monday, February 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday- Ten Things You Miss From Your Childhood

This one is going to be challenging, because I don't miss a whole heck of alot. I grew up without colour television, VCR's and call display- so many people can't imagine life without these things, let alone computers.

1. Lola's- these were pyramid shaped ice lollies that came in grape, orange, lemon lime and cherry.  Not the small ones, these were huge. The grape flavour made you cough.

2. Rollerskating- we used to have a blast, and I probably fell alot. At The Terrace, you could do the hokey pokey, and at The Mimicombo you had to go downstairs in your skates.  And they were heavy and you regularly lost your ball bearings.  Good times.

3. Drive Ins- I happen to live around the corner from one of the last ones.  A whole bunch of us would pile into someone's old Pontiac- some in the trunk, and we would have lawn chairs and sit outside and watch at least 2 movies.  I remember going in the winter, where you had portable heaters as well as the speakers.

4. Playing with Barbies- my sister and I had amazing collections, with a Malibu Ken and every item of clothes and wigs, you name it.

5. Swimming in the summer, in High Park pool, or Sunnyside.  Every day and sometimes we went in the evenings. 

6. Movie theaters- we didn't have IMAX or 3D but I remember seeing Airport '77, The Sting, James Bonds, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I think I saw "The Phantom of the Paradise" at least 20 times.  And "Tommy"- loved rock and roll flicks.

7. The music- and LP's. If you were totally hip and cool you had a reel-to-reel.  One guy we hung with did.

8. Going downtown on the subway, or streetcar and cruising Yonge Street.  We used to blow alot of money in the arcades, mostly at pinball.

9. Going to the CNE- The "Ex"- I haven't been in years, and I used to ride everything and feared nothing,  not even heights. I don't know what happened but I don't go on the rides anymore.

10. Having a crush on a different guy every week. That was fun.


Sel and Poivre said...

I think if you do the essential things in each stage of your life right you don't miss them because they are just "done"! Thanks for the reminder about Lolas! Remember how the grape ones stained your lips?

Carrie K said...

We didn't have a color TV either and I was the remote control. Fun. I miss The Partridge Family - in times of stress or deep thought, I (hopefully quietly) sing Partridge Family songs. (Yeah, my 1st husband pointed that out, I'd never noticed.)
(They may or may not be the first record I ever bought.)

Brenda said...

Great list! My friend and I used to roller skate with the skates that attach to your shoes and skate around outside. We even twirled our batons while skating.

Chris said...

LOL about the reel-to-reel - I can remember being four years old and knowing how to put tapes into the reel-to-reel! :D

mrspao said...

Rollerskating! I adored rollerskating when I was a kid! What a nice list :)

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

LOL, yeah, the new boy crush was an amazingly fun thing about being young. :D

I miss drive-ins, too. Every now and then I see one, but they rarely have anything playing worth seeing.