Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why You Are Ready For Winter To Be OVER

As I type this- we are headed for a 2 day snowstorm.  However, I am one of the few people who actually enjoys winter.  If you want bitching and moaning about the weather, stick around for the heat and humidity of summer.  But here are some things that warm weather brings which I find enjoyable:

1. Wearing Birkenstocks.
2. Painted toenails.
3. Popsicles- or Dairy Queen
4. Farmers Markets
5. Tour De Fleece (GO Team Fat Cat)
6. Driving with the windows down
7. Walking in High Park
8. Watering the flowers
9. Road trips
10. Barbeques

Notice how more than one of these things involves food.

                                                                           I spun some sparkly merino......
.....and tried some cat-herding. It doesn't really work.

Fleece out.


mrspao said...

Oh yes - I'm with you on 1 and 2 right away and like the sound of all the others.

I did have a pedicure on Friday so have gorgeous toes which cheer me up no end when I'm feeling bleurgh.

Chris said...

Yes yes yes yes.

Brenda said...

Excellent list. Although I live in California now, I grew up in Wisconsin, and I never minded the snow but I didn't like the short days. Heat and humidity are killer.

I think failing to resist being herded can get a cat kicked out of the species. It's in their handbook.

Nicole said...

Hehehehe, fabulous picture of cat herding. Also, it's nice to see one of these lists that isn't bashing winter. I wish I'd thought to do that - but I often say that "my favorite season is whichever one is next," so I guess that would be why it was easier for me to come up with reasons why I wanted spring instead of more winter. :)