Monday, February 11, 2013

Ten Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentines

While I adore FC, I do have my share of fantasy loves- as we all do. But I would never trade my beloved FC- this is pure mind recreation.

So, the list is:
1. Get a copy of the 1995 "Sense and Sensibility" and sit down to watch.
2. Wait for the scene with Brandon, aka Alan Rickman, and prepare to gasp and swoon when he speaks.
3. Pick yourself up off the floor and rewind to that scene.
4. Pretend that this is you and the Rickman, and you weigh 20lbs less.
5. Imagine the privilege of washing his clothes.
6. Imagine him leaving his wife for you, having come to the realization that he can only love you!
7. Imagine a secret tryst at Claridges in London.
8. You are wearing killer Manholos or Laboutins, and can actually walk in them, a fur coat, and some Agent Provocateur lingerie.
9. Your make-up is perfection and so is your hair. You don't want anyone messing it up.
10. Sigh, and realize that your SO is way better, but it was fun for the 10 seconds it lasted.



Chris said...


Gale NoName said...

I just about peed my pants laughing.

Brenda said...

Very funny! Wouldn't it be great if
6-inch heels were comfortable and affordable.

I love Alan Rickman's voice.

mrspao said...

Brilliant ;)

Nicole said...

I love that movie! My fantasies never get as far along as all that, though. ;)