Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why You Are Ready For Winter To Be OVER

As I type this- we are headed for a 2 day snowstorm.  However, I am one of the few people who actually enjoys winter.  If you want bitching and moaning about the weather, stick around for the heat and humidity of summer.  But here are some things that warm weather brings which I find enjoyable:

1. Wearing Birkenstocks.
2. Painted toenails.
3. Popsicles- or Dairy Queen
4. Farmers Markets
5. Tour De Fleece (GO Team Fat Cat)
6. Driving with the windows down
7. Walking in High Park
8. Watering the flowers
9. Road trips
10. Barbeques

Notice how more than one of these things involves food.

                                                                           I spun some sparkly merino......
.....and tried some cat-herding. It doesn't really work.

Fleece out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring is springin'......

Tuesday came and went, and since it was a 3 day weekend, my days are sort of mixed up. I spent most of the past weekend watching Downton Abbey, all 3 seasons and the specials. It is one of the best things I have seen in a long time.  It has been cold and I haven't been out too much. We've had a couple of severe snow storms in the past few weeks. What can you expect-?  It's winter, and I'm happy there is snow.
But there are some signs of Spring- my niece brought over these gorgeous tulips. And I am forcing these Paperwhite Narcissus on my kitchen windowsill.
I made a baby sweater and shoes for an upcoming arrival....
Spun some fiber- Romeo and Juliet BFL from Fat Cat.....

Knit this Dover Castle shawl....
and spent some time by the fire with Kitten Chow.  Sleeping does make him tired.

Fleece out.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ten Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentines

While I adore FC, I do have my share of fantasy loves- as we all do. But I would never trade my beloved FC- this is pure mind recreation.

So, the list is:
1. Get a copy of the 1995 "Sense and Sensibility" and sit down to watch.
2. Wait for the scene with Brandon, aka Alan Rickman, and prepare to gasp and swoon when he speaks.
3. Pick yourself up off the floor and rewind to that scene.
4. Pretend that this is you and the Rickman, and you weigh 20lbs less.
5. Imagine the privilege of washing his clothes.
6. Imagine him leaving his wife for you, having come to the realization that he can only love you!
7. Imagine a secret tryst at Claridges in London.
8. You are wearing killer Manholos or Laboutins, and can actually walk in them, a fur coat, and some Agent Provocateur lingerie.
9. Your make-up is perfection and so is your hair. You don't want anyone messing it up.
10. Sigh, and realize that your SO is way better, but it was fun for the 10 seconds it lasted.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday- Ten Things You Miss From Your Childhood

This one is going to be challenging, because I don't miss a whole heck of alot. I grew up without colour television, VCR's and call display- so many people can't imagine life without these things, let alone computers.

1. Lola's- these were pyramid shaped ice lollies that came in grape, orange, lemon lime and cherry.  Not the small ones, these were huge. The grape flavour made you cough.

2. Rollerskating- we used to have a blast, and I probably fell alot. At The Terrace, you could do the hokey pokey, and at The Mimicombo you had to go downstairs in your skates.  And they were heavy and you regularly lost your ball bearings.  Good times.

3. Drive Ins- I happen to live around the corner from one of the last ones.  A whole bunch of us would pile into someone's old Pontiac- some in the trunk, and we would have lawn chairs and sit outside and watch at least 2 movies.  I remember going in the winter, where you had portable heaters as well as the speakers.

4. Playing with Barbies- my sister and I had amazing collections, with a Malibu Ken and every item of clothes and wigs, you name it.

5. Swimming in the summer, in High Park pool, or Sunnyside.  Every day and sometimes we went in the evenings. 

6. Movie theaters- we didn't have IMAX or 3D but I remember seeing Airport '77, The Sting, James Bonds, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I think I saw "The Phantom of the Paradise" at least 20 times.  And "Tommy"- loved rock and roll flicks.

7. The music- and LP's. If you were totally hip and cool you had a reel-to-reel.  One guy we hung with did.

8. Going downtown on the subway, or streetcar and cruising Yonge Street.  We used to blow alot of money in the arcades, mostly at pinball.

9. Going to the CNE- The "Ex"- I haven't been in years, and I used to ride everything and feared nothing,  not even heights. I don't know what happened but I don't go on the rides anymore.

10. Having a crush on a different guy every week. That was fun.