Monday, January 28, 2013

Ten On Tuesday- 10 things you can do to beat the winter blahs

 Did you know that last Monday was considered "blue Monday" the most depressing day of the year? I had a week from hell.  Some of the highlights being a 5 day headache, not being able to walk the dog because it was too cold, and he was spun out of his gourd, and falling ass over teakettle down the stairs this morning.  I tripped on one of Quinn's bones.  I killed my foot.
 I had it x rayed, and it isn't broken just terribly bruised.ETA: the hospital called and the small toe is broken- they misread the radiology report.  I feel a bit vindicated because I was wondering why a bruise would be so painful.
 Quinn enjoys butt rubs.  He has to wear his gentle leader in the house because he still thinks nipping is fun.
I'm still working on this Rams and Yowes blanket- miles and miles of garter stitch in the round. More self-imposed hell.

Todays 10 on Tuesday is my idea of things you can do to banish the blahs, although I tend to get them in the heat of summer. I like winter.

1. Make your favorite food.  Your absolute favorite.
2. Shave your legs.
3. Paint your toenails a bright colour.
4. Have a movie marathon at home - all your favorites.
5. Take a walk in the snow in a different section of town.
6. Window shop and only buy a coffee.
7. Paint your bedroom.
8. Drink tea in bed with a favorite book.
9. Go to the library and get a book about a new hobby you've thought about.
10. Plan a trip- even if you're more of an armchair traveler.

Notice, in the interest of austerity, these things cost little to no money. You don't have to spend alot to have a good time.


Sel and Poivre said...

I honestly find the more money something costs the less fun it tends to be!

I love that your list is all solitary activities...nothing contingent on the cooperation or even presence of others!

Brenda said...

Hope your foot heals quickly!
Excellent list! I agree on the not spending much money part. I find that impulsive purchases seldom give much satisfaction.

I don't mind cold so much as the lack of daylight. So I keep track of the lengthening daylight. The sun won't set until 5:30 this Friday--a milestone.

Chris said...

Ouch! That looks painful. Hopefully it heals fast. And be glad you don't have a Chaos cat, who specializes and stomping on feet with his not inconsiderable weight.

Nicole said...

Eeek and ouch! Sorry about the break, but I'd be glad of the vindication, too.

I think I need to paint my toenails. :)

mrspao said...

Ouch! I broke my little toe a couple of years ago and people laughed at me because they didn't think it was that serious but it hurt like crazy and I couldn't put my foot in a normal shoe etc. I am so sorry you have broken your toe - lots of raised foot resting does help.

I like your banishing the blah's list. Cheap is good :)