Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Little Kittens Need Some Mittens

Todays "Ten on Tuesday" is "10 Mitts/Mittens that I want to knit.  Not strictly playing by the rules here, I have knit some of them.

1. 4H Mittens- my own design for handpsun. I have made a true shitload of them, and that's alot.

2. Autumn Fire- This lady sells kits using yarns she has dyed naturally- and they are all wonderful.

3. October Leaves- I have made these and they are gorgeous.

4, Dimorphous- True genious- these are versatile and such fun.

5. Dog Mittens- She also has Cat, Frog, Fish- quite a few.  Nicely written patterns.

6. Maud- I am, as we speak, making the mittens. There is a matching cowl and tam. Classic Starmore.

7. Muckleberry Set- A Tam and gloves set- classic Fair Isle.

8. Weisdale Tam and Mittens- sense a theme here?

9. Delft- I love these, they are beautiful.

10. Stinky Pink- just for the heck of it.

There are more of course, but truthfully I am not adept at knitting mittens.  The thumbs and fingers are less than perfect, and that's one area of my life where I strive for perfection.

Speaking of which, I am bummed about my Weight Watcher situation. I should have really gotten to goal weight by now.  When will I ever learn?  I really need to up my game.
This is the Maud kit from Virtual Yarns.  The colours are somewhat duller than portrayed in the pattern.  But they are based on natural outdoors colours and birds, so I guess that's about right.

And Quinn-tin-tin, who has just returned from getting his rabies shot.  I won't mention what's coming up in February.  He has NO idea.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Gratitude Party

Late for the "Ten on Tuesday" so it'll be "Whatever On Wednesday"-

1. I am thankful for the wonderful life partner I have, who regularly drives me crazy and loves me enough to let me be who I am, and accepts me for it.  He is truly the kindest and funniest guy I have ever met, and life has never been dull.

2. Goes without saying, but I have 2 exceptional children who also make me laugh, and at the same time I couldn't be prouder of who they are as adults.  Caring, intelligent, and delightful human beings- I wish they were still home watching Sesame Street with me, but at the same time, it's been great to see them become independent and find success and happiness in their lives.

3. I have the best family. My sister, my twin, my partner-in-crime, who never fails to make me laugh to the point of pants-peeing.  My brother, who has always been there, and his family, whom I adore. 

4. Friends- most of whom are long term.  I can't say that I have lots in terms of numbers, but those I do have, well, you're the best.  I have also made some really great online friends, through blogging and Ravelry, and I can truly say that life without any of you would be very empty indeed. 

5. My pets. Well, Kitten Chow and now Quinn.  They bring me joy every day. (Kitten Chow has bit the dog on the nose this morning, for those of you wondering how it's working out)

6. My fiber crafts.  Knitting, spinning, quilting and cross stitch make me content and excited, and I spend many hours a day dreaming up new projects- it's my creative expression.  It's that or the insane asylum, and that isn't far from the truth.

7. Where I live, in the burbs, is a nice balance between the big city and country, and while I like the quiet, I couldn't be without the creature comforts of stores, and doctors and things.  My house is nice and the neighbors are great- so what's not to love?

8. I am happy that we live in an age where you can watch what you want, when you want as many times as you want.  We used to have to wait for a movie to come on tv, and then usually missed it until it aired again. This part of technology is great to those of us who grew up with black and white, and 3 channels.

9. My car. Sounds crazy- but I LOVE it.  I can hop in and go whenever I want and feel such a sense of freedom.  I can drive fast and pass other cars- it's a blast.

10.  For a 50 year old, my health is pretty good. I can now walk for hours without getting tired, and have lost enough weight so my joints don't bother me.  I can also chase the dog around, so getting older really can mean getting better.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bumbles and Devils and Elves...Oh MY!

I'm happy today for a number of reasons.  Yesterday, FC and I cleaned out the crawlspace. That may not mean alot to most people, but it has been bothering me for a long time. My house was built in 1968, and crawlspaces were a part of many ranch, split-level home designs.  Well, the Keebler elves could live in this one, it is HUGE.  We even use a creepy-crawler to get around in there, and when I say we, not ME.  The only time I have ever gone in there was to retrieve some fish medication, and that was only because lives were at stake.
 This is a view into the underworld of basement dwellers. We threw out 3 tv's, tons of boxes, and other assorted flotsam.  Now there are some decorations, out of season linens and clothes, my Silver Cross pram, and some fish supplies.  The server is under there too- but I don't mess with that.  All vacuumed and cleaned- this makes me happy.
Puppies are joyful. We have re-christened him Quinn Wolfenstein Parker.  It is something like living with the Tazmanian devil-he doesn't stop for a moment.  I'm fairly exhausted, but long walks have been great and we have met so many people in the neighborhood.  People stop to ask what he is, and he has even herded a couple of them. I don't think he realizes they aren't sheep.
I got some really nice Socks That Rock from Lettuce Knit. I plan on knitting myself a pair of "Holidazed" socks, while watching.......wait for it......The 2012 Santa Claus Parade..   Can you believe it?  He's coming to town!  You can watch "A Christmas Story", "Elf", "Black Christmas, "The Ref", "Delias Christmas", and oh, everything.

This is one Mighty Humble Bumble.  May all your storage spaces be clean.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


"No fruits, no flowers,
no leaves, no birds,

Old English saying, quoted in "The Private World of Tasha Tudor"

And it has been cold.  As I have been going for alot of walks with Quinn, I have to dress for it.  I am also sure to bring along mini milk bones, and pet waste bags.  It is amazing to me how many people let their dogs run around the streets without a leash, and they think it's cute.  I have a puppy who is learning about the world and other dogs and people, and a 150 lb Black Lab looming up on him isn't helping. But it isn't even the big dogs, it's the small yappy ones who are aggressive.  I wonder how "cute" they'll think a $5,000.00 fine is?

A photo shoot was done for "Minstrel"- due to technical difficulties with the computer, I hope it is resolved before too long, and I can have this up in my "NEW TWISTED TRADITIONS" pattern shop.
And since this is pretty much the start of Christmas season, whether any of us want to say it, or not, I have started my shopping- for FC.  He bought me this Emma Bridgewater mug and matching t-towel (The folks at "Say Tea" really understand the Bridgewater addiction). 

I have done some spinning, and this is a departure from my usual earthy yarns.  The sparkle in this really attracted me. It's 303 yards of wool/kid Mohair/silk/glitz. 

And some amazing Fat Cat BFL- Vampire Suicide.

And for those of you who wondered how Kitten Chow is making out, fear not. Because he doesn't.  He is holding his own admirably.