Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toronto Life

The weather here has been up and down for the past few weeks. Today it is back to being cold, but it was positively balmy for the last few weeks.

We went for a walk in High Park and took some pics of the fire from March17.  Why anyone would torch a kid's playground boggles the mind.  The good news is alot of people are coming together with funds to rebuild it.  I played here as a kid, but the castle wasn't there then.

You know that spring is coming when you see cool cars like this one.
My Fair Isle cardigan now has sleeves, and all I need to do is add the button band. Yay.
I am working on this Dragonfly themed shawl by Lori Law, a very talented Canadian designer that I have had the pleasure of meeting on more than one occasion. The fiber is BFL from Fat Cat Knits in "Dragonfly".
And some kitties are wondering what the Easter Bunny will be bringing this year.  We will see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pooh Bear in the Honey Pot

I almost didn't make it to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning.  Someone (cough, FC) has put the garage remote somewhere, and I had to get the Raging Success to get the spare one out of his truck. This is how things are set up around here.  I don't have keys to the garage door either, so I would have been stuck.
Like Pooh Bear.

But that's life.  I find that I have to force myself to do things.  When I do them, I am happy, but the motivation to do them in the first place just isn't there.  Okay, enough.

I  have completed my handspun hooded sweater.  I lurve knitting with handspun, and this is perfect.  Totally the kind of thing I have always longed for.  I did somehow manage to put the buttonholes on the left side, but other than that, I am pleased.  I used a 3needle I cord bind off for the hood, and an I cord bind off for the front edges- so it has some nice details.  The fiber is from (where else?) Fat Cat knits, and it's Polwarth in Shadowed Glen, with some turquoise added. Thanks again, Ginny.
I spun some BFL in Dragonfly- loved every second of this too.
Some of you may remember this design "Minstrel" that has been in the works for a long time.  I am on a mission to either finish things, or ditch them.  This has all the autumn colours I love, and I hope to photograph it THIS coming autumn- in my beloved High Park.  This is a cardigan, and there is a hap shawl too.
I do love Shetland yarn, and wanted to make Kate Davies "Rams & Yowes" blanket.  Added to the ever -expanding queue.  This is the Shetland Supreme, which I have worked with before, and I love it.  (I DO seem to be full of love today...)
Spring is springing- and the hyacinths smell gorgeous.
But Kitten Chow wants to know when squirreling season officially starts. Can someone help a kitty out with that?