Monday, December 10, 2012

 This week's Ten on Tuesday- "Ten Favorite Christmas Cookies"

1. Candy Cane Cookies  No matter how you try to avoid them, you're bound to end up with a pile of 'em, so here's a great recipe. Don't skip the peppermint extract- these are good.

2. Ginger Molasses Cookies-  These are not strictly Xmas cookies, but darn are these good.

3. Brown Sugar Shortbread - These aren't my friends' recipe, but close. They roll out beautifully, and are amazing.

4. Mincemeat Cookies  I LOVE mincemeat, and I love cookies- so this should be a win-win.  I would use butter.

5. Does this count, because MARZIPAN is a food group in itself, so anything that has it- it's on the list.

6. Cranberry Almond Biscotti- I love biscotti, and cranberries.

7. Truffles- Easy and yummy.

8. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies- I would dive into a pile of these.

9. Amaretti -Wonderful and almondy.

10. Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunky - I haven't included any chocolate- so these have some chocolate in them.

No knitting to show you this week, I almost have the second "Maud" glove done, but am still working on FC's socks. You know, the ones I say I'll never knit for him anymore.
These are the ones I don't knit.

If you look at Quinn's head from the back, he looks just like an Ewok.  Dogs crack me up.


Bridget said...

Oh Lorraine, you made me so hungry! I may have to give some of these a try.

Quinn = Ewok. That made me laugh out loud!

Nicole said...

Mmmm, cookies...

Love the Ewok dog! Priceless.

Gale NoName said...

I'm just down the street. Put the tea on for those cookies please.

Sel and Poivre said...

First of all I am loving these lists you're posting! Second isn't it amazing how much enjoyment there is in just looking at/watching a dog? Endless entertainment!

Chris said...

The candy cane cookies I make have almond extract instead of peppermint.

mrspao said...

I want cookies now! I don't have time to make them this year :( And to scritch your puppy - can I send virtual scritches?

Brigitte said...

Man, I love Molasses Cookies.