Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten On Tuesday-Pictures!!!

The 10 things we like to photograph at Christmas.
1.My kids, who are no longer kids. So I don't have one.
2. Animals-this is Kitten Chow sporting a tiny bow on his big head.
3. The dog- who refuses to stay still.
4. Back in the day, you had to have pics of you and your swag. I call this "The Leatherettes"- my sister and I sometime in the late '60's.  Pleather was far out, man.  Those were Walkman prototypes around our necks.
5. And you also had to have your picture taken with Santa. I always wore blue, and my sister wore red or pink, and everybody thought she was a boy.

6. Usually the tree, but this years is boring, so I won't bother.

7. The turkey- one looks pretty much like the next.
8. The Black Christmas House- my favorite movie.

9. My latest knitting project- this is from a kit I got last year.
10. Many more gratuitous kitty photos......

My buddy Jerry did this one- I think it's cool.


Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

Lorraine - there must always be pictures of the cat! :)

Chris said...

Kitten Chow doesn't mess with the tree??

Lorraine said...

Chris- He does, but he's not hurling himself at it like a starfish, so I figure I can trust him more.

mrspao said...

Great list but KC looks like he is going to do something naughty and not nice!!