Monday, December 24, 2012

Before The Fat Fellow Comes Down The Chimney

There probably won't be a "Ten On Tuesday" so I'm going to take this time to wish all of you, my dear blog friends, a lovely Christmas and holiday.  Nicole, I know you have gotten engaged and I wish you every happiness. Chris has been bringing us linkitys and kitty news, Mr. and Mrs. Pao- the cutest couple in the blogosphere, I hope you have the best year ever.  My friend Brigitte is on the road to recovery after surgery, and this year WILL be better.  Everyone else, you know who you are, and I wish you a terrific and wool enhanced 2013.

The dog seems to have taken over, and a kind friend gave him a bag of dog toys. He has succeeded in chewing up most of it- but I bet you can see the excitement and energy in the picture. He has an antler and he won't stay still.

I did make a slouchy hat- Felicity- out of some handspun, because my ears are getting cold on dog walks.

I also did the tam from the Maud set, and have decided against the cowl. I don't think it's something I would wear, so I have enough yarn for probably a couple more sets of gloves.

Okay, I'm off to do some laundry, set the table, tidy the bathrooms, and take Quinn out.  Have a great time, and don't eat too much turkey- it cuts into your knitting time.

Peace out.


Gale NoName said...

Hope your Christmas is lovely too Lorraine. The hats are gorgeous.

Chris said...

Merry merry to all of you at Chez Lorraine! :)

mrspao said...

Wishing you a delightfully merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! :)

Monika said...

Happy Holidays, Lorraine!

Sonya said...

Merry Christmas, Lorraine!

Nicole said...

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, too! I love the hats.

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