Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012- In Review

Was it Walter Cronkite who used to say "..and that's the way it is".  All in all, it wasn't a bad year. Crummy summer, but I've come to expect that.  The highlights for me were The Fingerlakes Festival, turning 50 {{cringe}} and connecting with some grade school friends.

 Some pictures of Christmas.......
 Laura and I with Quinn Tin Tin.  I am wearing my "Charlie Brown Christmas" t-shirt that some friends gave me.
 My sister with her nephew.  And his massive, silly paws.
 Laura got a brand new bag. I love shopping for her, SO much fun.
And KC slept through most of it. What a guy.

My haul included a new spinning wheel from FC, an Ipod Touch (from Alex), a "Say Tea" gift certificate from my brother and his family (yay)- pajamas and a Charlie Brown mug from my sis, a nice sweater and some bath stuff from Laura, and some books and clothes from FC. I also got a Prince Charles figurine from Greggy- I bet no one else got one of those. I love HRH.
 I spent a day organizing my spinning stuff into a cabinet. Oh, I got some deadly English combs too.
 FC's wrapping job.
 And I picked up this project "Rams & Yowes"- that according to Ravelry, I started back in July.
 We got snow, and Quinn didn't want to go doo doo in it.  He's fussy at the best of times, but eventually he had no choice.  What I don't get is people who think it's okay to leave it out in the snow- they don't have to pick it up?  What is UP with that?

As I look forward to 2013, as usual, I think of all the things I have, and I am always a little relieved that Christmas is over.  I love winter and because of the dog, I am getting outside and enjoying it.

I have declared 2013 a year of "Austerity"- something I always think about.  Do I need it, or do I want it?

More on that later.  Oh, and see you NEXT YEAR.

Fleece out.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Before The Fat Fellow Comes Down The Chimney

There probably won't be a "Ten On Tuesday" so I'm going to take this time to wish all of you, my dear blog friends, a lovely Christmas and holiday.  Nicole, I know you have gotten engaged and I wish you every happiness. Chris has been bringing us linkitys and kitty news, Mr. and Mrs. Pao- the cutest couple in the blogosphere, I hope you have the best year ever.  My friend Brigitte is on the road to recovery after surgery, and this year WILL be better.  Everyone else, you know who you are, and I wish you a terrific and wool enhanced 2013.

The dog seems to have taken over, and a kind friend gave him a bag of dog toys. He has succeeded in chewing up most of it- but I bet you can see the excitement and energy in the picture. He has an antler and he won't stay still.

I did make a slouchy hat- Felicity- out of some handspun, because my ears are getting cold on dog walks.

I also did the tam from the Maud set, and have decided against the cowl. I don't think it's something I would wear, so I have enough yarn for probably a couple more sets of gloves.

Okay, I'm off to do some laundry, set the table, tidy the bathrooms, and take Quinn out.  Have a great time, and don't eat too much turkey- it cuts into your knitting time.

Peace out.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten On Tuesday-Pictures!!!

The 10 things we like to photograph at Christmas.
1.My kids, who are no longer kids. So I don't have one.
2. Animals-this is Kitten Chow sporting a tiny bow on his big head.
3. The dog- who refuses to stay still.
4. Back in the day, you had to have pics of you and your swag. I call this "The Leatherettes"- my sister and I sometime in the late '60's.  Pleather was far out, man.  Those were Walkman prototypes around our necks.
5. And you also had to have your picture taken with Santa. I always wore blue, and my sister wore red or pink, and everybody thought she was a boy.

6. Usually the tree, but this years is boring, so I won't bother.

7. The turkey- one looks pretty much like the next.
8. The Black Christmas House- my favorite movie.

9. My latest knitting project- this is from a kit I got last year.
10. Many more gratuitous kitty photos......

My buddy Jerry did this one- I think it's cool.

Monday, December 10, 2012

 This week's Ten on Tuesday- "Ten Favorite Christmas Cookies"

1. Candy Cane Cookies  No matter how you try to avoid them, you're bound to end up with a pile of 'em, so here's a great recipe. Don't skip the peppermint extract- these are good.

2. Ginger Molasses Cookies-  These are not strictly Xmas cookies, but darn are these good.

3. Brown Sugar Shortbread - These aren't my friends' recipe, but close. They roll out beautifully, and are amazing.

4. Mincemeat Cookies  I LOVE mincemeat, and I love cookies- so this should be a win-win.  I would use butter.

5. Does this count, because MARZIPAN is a food group in itself, so anything that has it- it's on the list.

6. Cranberry Almond Biscotti- I love biscotti, and cranberries.

7. Truffles- Easy and yummy.

8. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies- I would dive into a pile of these.

9. Amaretti -Wonderful and almondy.

10. Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunky - I haven't included any chocolate- so these have some chocolate in them.

No knitting to show you this week, I almost have the second "Maud" glove done, but am still working on FC's socks. You know, the ones I say I'll never knit for him anymore.
These are the ones I don't knit.

If you look at Quinn's head from the back, he looks just like an Ewok.  Dogs crack me up.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten On Tuesday- Favorite Christmas Albums

Oh gosh- I hope I can come up with 10. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music.

1. This has to be number one- Vince Guaraldi's " A Charlie Brown Christmas"

2. My all-time favorite, Loreena McKennitt "To Drive The Cold Winter Away"- she's magical.

3.Michael Buble - this Christmas album is great, because he's so cool.

4. Arthur's Perfect Christmas- played it in the car for the kiddos.

5. Not really Christmas but I do listen to it around the holidays, Bach- Brandenburg Concertos. No 3 in G Major.

6. This is my favorite classical - Brahms String Sextets- it will make you cry.

7. Loreena again- "A Midwinter Nights Dream"

8. That's all I could think of- but what NOT to listen to: BING CROSBY
9. ANYTHING Christmas and Country and Western.
10. That one with the cats meowing and the dogs barking, unless you're 4 years old.
I have completed one glove- I don't think that I will make a career out of knitting gloves. 
And Quinn, he's busy chewing on his Bullwinkles.