Thursday, November 8, 2012


"No fruits, no flowers,
no leaves, no birds,

Old English saying, quoted in "The Private World of Tasha Tudor"

And it has been cold.  As I have been going for alot of walks with Quinn, I have to dress for it.  I am also sure to bring along mini milk bones, and pet waste bags.  It is amazing to me how many people let their dogs run around the streets without a leash, and they think it's cute.  I have a puppy who is learning about the world and other dogs and people, and a 150 lb Black Lab looming up on him isn't helping. But it isn't even the big dogs, it's the small yappy ones who are aggressive.  I wonder how "cute" they'll think a $5,000.00 fine is?

A photo shoot was done for "Minstrel"- due to technical difficulties with the computer, I hope it is resolved before too long, and I can have this up in my "NEW TWISTED TRADITIONS" pattern shop.
And since this is pretty much the start of Christmas season, whether any of us want to say it, or not, I have started my shopping- for FC.  He bought me this Emma Bridgewater mug and matching t-towel (The folks at "Say Tea" really understand the Bridgewater addiction). 

I have done some spinning, and this is a departure from my usual earthy yarns.  The sparkle in this really attracted me. It's 303 yards of wool/kid Mohair/silk/glitz. 

And some amazing Fat Cat BFL- Vampire Suicide.

And for those of you who wondered how Kitten Chow is making out, fear not. Because he doesn't.  He is holding his own admirably. 


Chris said...

I love your photo shoot photo!!

Gah, the holidays already?!? How did that happen??

Brigitte said...

Nice, Minstrel looks great! Where did you take the pics?

Lorraine said...


I took them at Benares, where we did Guinevere. This time, in the freezing cold.

Sel and Poivre said...

The small dogs are the worst! People don't train them or socialize them at all and so many are breeds originated to be fearless and aggressive with vermin. Once out of control they revert to their instinctual vicious selves. Then the owners pick them up preventing them from learning anything from other dogs while they explain that their wee pup is just afraid of big dogs. Meanwhile being physically higher makes the things even more dominant and dangerous.

Having just come through the puppy phase with our big guy I know exacly what you mean about the troubles of the on leash dog walk!

mrspao said...

Don't say the 'C' word! :) Although I did get my Christmas present today.

You look super in your sweater and hat. Quinn is one lucky pup.

Jerry said...

We have dog crap all over her too. I don't know if anybody has been fined. If I see where ti comes from, I'm tempted to do the flaming bag of poo and leave it back on their doorstep ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pattern-Minstrel is gorgeous!

I suppose I'm going to need some No-Doze and stat my Christmas stuff. I sleep for crap anymore so may as well make it productive time, eh?

Nicole said...

Love the photos! And it looks line you've been having fun spinning. Keep it up! I need the inspiration. ;)

Brenda said...

Lovely sweater! The vampire yarn looks very fun.

Glad KC is holding his own. I've found that cats are usually smarter than dogs in this regard and quickly gain the upper hand (sans opposable thumb).