Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bumbles and Devils and Elves...Oh MY!

I'm happy today for a number of reasons.  Yesterday, FC and I cleaned out the crawlspace. That may not mean alot to most people, but it has been bothering me for a long time. My house was built in 1968, and crawlspaces were a part of many ranch, split-level home designs.  Well, the Keebler elves could live in this one, it is HUGE.  We even use a creepy-crawler to get around in there, and when I say we, not ME.  The only time I have ever gone in there was to retrieve some fish medication, and that was only because lives were at stake.
 This is a view into the underworld of basement dwellers. We threw out 3 tv's, tons of boxes, and other assorted flotsam.  Now there are some decorations, out of season linens and clothes, my Silver Cross pram, and some fish supplies.  The server is under there too- but I don't mess with that.  All vacuumed and cleaned- this makes me happy.
Puppies are joyful. We have re-christened him Quinn Wolfenstein Parker.  It is something like living with the Tazmanian devil-he doesn't stop for a moment.  I'm fairly exhausted, but long walks have been great and we have met so many people in the neighborhood.  People stop to ask what he is, and he has even herded a couple of them. I don't think he realizes they aren't sheep.
I got some really nice Socks That Rock from Lettuce Knit. I plan on knitting myself a pair of "Holidazed" socks, while watching.......wait for it......The 2012 Santa Claus Parade..   Can you believe it?  He's coming to town!  You can watch "A Christmas Story", "Elf", "Black Christmas, "The Ref", "Delias Christmas", and oh, everything.

This is one Mighty Humble Bumble.  May all your storage spaces be clean.


Gale NoName said...

It's such a nice thing to have a puppy or kitten in the house.

mrspao said...

Such a cute puppy. How is KC faring with the youngster?

You have inspired me to get moving on the mass tidy up I need to do before our guests arrive on Friday (arghhhhhH! :))

Bridget said...

That puppy is too cute to be able to take it, I want to scream!

I am soooo jealous of your Christmas sock-knitting and the moviefest! Lots of them here are only on cable, which we don't have. Fortunately, we have DVDs,though, so I'm not completely deprived ... :-)

Chris said...

Yes, I'm curious what KC thinks of the puppy, too! :D