Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puppy Love

It's been a while, huh?  I came down with the worst flu in the history of man. I was hoping someone would come over and dig a grave so I could throw myself in it, that's how lousy I felt.  Good thing the flu shots are available this week- not that it would have done much
Prior to getting sick, we adopted a puppy. He's a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, that I happened to come across on Kijiji. I really didn't want a puppy- they are so much work, and this guy chews everything, including the baseboards. He's 11 weeks old now, and his name is Quinn.  He is a blue merle, but doesn't have the light eyes.  He's crate trained, and goes out for walks- he isn't too impressed with the leash, but hey, I am the Alpha here.

He also does frog legs.

My nephew got married, and here's a pic of me (sporting a lip herpes), my cousin, who is just adorable, and my sister (who is sometimes adorable).  Funny, I thought I was much taller.....

I had a pattern published in Ennea Collective. I used Fat Cat Polwarth- which is gorgeous and soft.  Greg was gracious enough to model for me, and it celebrates the albino squirrels that have been seen in Trinity Bellwoods park.  This is us outside of the White Squirrel cafe.

And finally, today is Alexander's 24th birthday.  He has previously not seen this photo, but I guess he has now.  And so has everyone else.  You have to be able to take your lumps around here.  I did ask if he wanted a clown,  but he said that there were enough of those around here.

Very funny.


mrspao said...

Aww Quinn is gorgeous! Poor you with the flu. I just had my flu shot yesterday and I'm glad I did now I've heard about your flu. You look great in your photo.

Bridget said...

PUPPY! Quinn is sooo cute! What does KC think?

Oh I love the squirrels hat! Gonna save my pennies and buy that one.

Lorraine - love the picture from the wedding, you all look lovely.

Brenda said...

Glad you are over the flu. Bummer to have to go through that.

Quinn is cute, and I hope chewing everything does not include fiber or yarn.

There was an albino squirrel at my college. The other squirrels were mean to it, so all the students gave it treats.

Carrie K said...

Quinn is cute! Hez won't let me get a puppy.

I love your hat.

Great picture of Alexander! Happy Birthday! Just remember, without family, psychiatrists would starve.

Gale NoName said...

Cute pooch.

Brigitte said...

He's 24. Shit. How did that happen?

The little man looks adorable, I can't wait to meet him! How does KC feel about his dweeby little brother?

Nicole said...

Happy birthday to Alex!

I'm glad you're feeling better. Flus are no fun.

Cheryl said...

Oh Lorraine, He is ADORABLE!!!! Enjoy, as I know you will. Happy New Year!