Thursday, September 6, 2012

Men Don't Make Passes.... women who wear glasses. Which brings me to today's amusing anecdote.

FC was putting out the recycle boxes, as it was a Wednesday.  He then walked to the GO Station, and on his way, stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton's.  Trying to count change, he quickly realized he didn't have his glasses, and couldn't remember where he had left them.

Superman finds a phone booth, as he is the only person on the planet without a cellphone, and calls home.  I was getting dressed (the bra was half on, and I will leave that to your imagination)- and answering the phone, I thought he was having a heart attack.  FC asks if I can go downstairs and see if the glasses are on the counter.  They weren't and he realizes that they probably fell off his head when he leaned down to put the box out.

Panicking, I drop the phone and run up the stairs- and at this very moment I hear the recycling truck coming around the corner. For a split second, I consider running outside in my "lingerie" but it's amazing how quickly these thoughts run through my head:

a) the bra did not match the pants,
b) this guy probably has enough problems, being a sanitation worker,
c) I am in need of a bikini wax,
and d) some schmuck probably has a cellphone, and the pic will go viral.

I throw on my t-shirt, and the sweat pants are half way up, just as the truck is pulling up. I tell you- I CHEEZED IT out there, and I quickly start rifling through the recycling.  At this point, the guy is off the truck- and looking askance at me.

I tell him I think my husband dropped his glasses in there.  He says he can't help me look- and I tell him to take the boxes.  The glasses were in the grass-

He says "you're lucky"- and hops back on the truck, out of my life.  I don't guess working for the city makes you a very sympathetic person.

In fact, HE was the lucky one.  He could have seen a very different scene, some crazy chickie in her bra and pants.

Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen.


Bridget said...

Lorraine ~ this post made me laugh out loud! You're right, sometimes you wish you could just poke out your mind's eye when you've seen something ...

BTW, I'm the other person in the world without a cellphone. Finding phone booths is harder and harder these days, FC was lucky he found one!

Gale NoName said...

I too laughed out loud, and am with Bridget in the land of those without a cell phone.

Lorraine said...

Nancy says:

pictures, or it didn't happen.

Nicole said...

I wonder if he would have offered to help if you had been in your bra... ;)

Monika said...

He, made me laugh.

Brenda said...

Well done! Although, my guess is you in bra and pants at the curb rifling through the recycling wouldn't have been the strangest thing he saw that day.

Chris said...

FC's the lucky one... :)

mrspao said...

That was lucky!