Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Speak Not of Indian Summer

Summer is on it's way out. I know that because:

A: The back-to-school commercials started about a month ago.
B: The CNE began last Friday, and that always meant school would start soon
C: In my world- summer is June, July and August
D: FC has been talking about Indian Summer- just to piss me off.
It's been cool and beautiful for the past several days.  We've had rain, and the grass is green. There's also been fleece washing- these are 2 Dorset Down whole fleeces.
It smells a bit like a barnyard. I like it. It makes me happy.

I pinned this eternal quilting project- if you look closely in the bottom right, you will notice my helper.  Everything in this house has cat hair on it.

And I finished this Cameo shawl, out of handspun Fat Cat BFL. (and cat hair).

Despite walking alot and watching what I eat, I have been gaining and losing the same &%$*ing few pounds- I was hoping to reach my goal weight by the end of August- but that hasn't happened.  I have 9 days- all hope is not lost.

Never say never.  Never ever.


Gale NoName said...

I too await the arrival of cooler weather. The new shawl is lovely. Cat hair and all.

Chris said...

It's been great sleeping weather here for weeks. Ahhhh...

Any updates on Brigitte???

Bridget said...

Lorraine - a lot of your recent activity sounds like a lot of MY recent activity!

That is an amazing quilt. I am just now getting started on my second quilt - nowhere near as ambitious as yours.

Enjoy the nicer weather!

Michelle said...

I think I found some of the pounds you lost... if you'd like them back let me know! :)
Looking forward to fall as well!

Nicole said...

Ugh. Back to school commercials. Yet one more reason I'm glad we don't have traditional TV anymore.

mrspao said...

We've had a few days of the really warm but nothing much this year. (Not that I'm complaining as it is back to windy and chilly again now).

I love your quilt - it looks gorgeous.

jessie said...

Lorraine, I just did a quick skim of your blog. Thanks for the link to mine! Yes, I do feel we may be twins separated at birth. I LOVE when my house smells like a barnyard. And I get a perverse thrill out of hanging my laundry (and cheating the electric company out of a few cents). Your blog is inspiring me to get to my fiber. We have a major upstairs reno that started and stalled (my husband is a builder, but that's bad: he's too busy with work t work at our house) so I feel like wool must be on the back burner. But it's a chilly morning here, so..... maybe this weekend.) Fleece out, as you say.