Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fleece In

We've been having some computer problems, and it was a little low on the priority list, what with the bathroom being almost finished, and whatnot- and some things got lost.  Not that I seem to post a lot, but I feel some comfort in my little blog world, and I have been trying to keep up with you guys.

Summer is usually a slow time anyway- many people go away and have cottages.  I always liked the cottage lifestyle- but now that I'm an adult, I see how much work they are, and really, you still have to cook and clean- so it's not a vacation.  If I want to sit by the water, I have my little pond in the backyard, a Muskoka chair and my knitting, so I'm good to go.  And I can sleep in my own bed, and use my own facilities.

So, it's August 5, and I am, as always, looking forward to fall.  FC and I have planned a few mini vacations in the US- one being The Fingerlakes Fiber Festival, which is smaller than Rhinebeck, and just a few hours from the border. FC's only criteria was an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast, so we found a place in south Rochester.  I asked him if he wanted twin beds, or did he even want to share a room with me- but food seems to be the top priority here.  Little does he know, I have scanned the vendor list carefully.

I've been washing fleece- this is a skirted (poop tags and second cuts removed)- and it is my favorite sheep breed. The locks have crimp- and I am so happy with this. I plan on using my Viking Combs to prep it for spinning.  This excites me. Sad, but true.

I am knitting this Cameo shawl in some handspun.  Just garter stitch, and a simple lace pattern at the bottom. It seems to be all I can manage brain-wise in the evening.

I made FC some fingerless gloves- I think these are ideal to keep your hands warm, and still be able to type.
He'll see that I am right about this- as I am about SO MANY things.

A very bad cat- who doesn't care that he got in trouble this morning for breaking into the linen closet.  It must be nice to be sociopathic, and not have any remorse about anything. One of the perks of being a kitty.

As my dear friend Jewel says : Fleece out.


Chris said...

Hopefully the computer problems have been resolved?!

That was FC's only criteria?! O.O

Nicole said...

"The Perks of Being a Kitty" would make a good book title. Or blog post.

I'd love to have access to a cabin without the expense of one. Alas...

Brigitte said...

What is it about men just not getting how right we are??

mrspao said...

I can see that KC is completely untroubled by his naughtiness.

Anonymous said...

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