Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wooly Wonders

I am currently enjoying the break in humidity- last Friday was stifling hot, and it's been beautiful for the last couple of days, if a bit dry.  But hey, it's going to be hot and humid for the weekend.  I console myself with the fact that I'm halfway through July, and then it's just August to go.  Sad, to be wishing the summer away, but it isn't enjoyable any more.

Tour de Fleece continues- literally, here.  A Dorset fleece arrived yesterday from an Etsy seller, and it's beautiful. I will be sorting and washing for the next while.

Then I will be using my new Valkyrie wool combs- these are walnut, and if I don't end up using them for wool, then I can stick them in the burglar.

Spinning on Mr. Reeves....are we having fun yet?
FC got me this Strauch skein winder- in oak. I have had an old one that is literally falling to pieces that has been repaired many times.  No more picking up bits of it off the floor every time I wind wool.

And KC, while not a huge fan of hot weather, wonders why kitty meat isn't available at 6:00 am.

Peace out.