Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Did I say that it was cool out last time? Because guess what- it's the first official day of summer, and it's blazing hot outside. A record breaker. Mad dogs and Englishmen. You get the drift.
So, I'm here in the house, with all of the windows closed.  One of the positive things I can say about summer is I can hang my laundry out- which in some weird way, makes me happy.  One of my quilts is hanging up- as well as FC's shirts- which smell nice, and will be ironed.  That makes me smile.

Still smiling, I am getting geared up for Tour de Fleece 2012.  I am not taking part to be competitive, more for the fun. I am on Team Fat Cat, and will be spinning some of the gorgeous colours- I have some of the club fibers, this year was "Famous Couples" and I have Romeo and Juliet, as well as Sid and Nancy.  I hope to spin and knit a shawl during June 30 to July 22nd, so I don't have a problem being indoors during the hot weather.
When I was newer to spinning, I tried some different dyers, and one of the ones I really like is Three Waters Farm, from North Carolina.  I am fascinated by how each dyer comes up with their colours, and Mary Ann has alot of very different ones.
Here is the Winter Sunset that I spun on the SR last time.  It looks different again after plying, and then again when you knit.  That's why spinning is never boring.  Either that, or I am pretty easily amused.
I WILL finish this cross stitch for an upcoming wedding, and hopefully retain most of my sight. I told Laura that if she ever loses her senses and decides to marry, don't ask for a cross stitch. Or a quilt.
Mr. Kitten Chow lives by the adage "when Daddy is away, the cat will play"- and takes full advantage of the fact that I allow him on the dining room table.  Now, everything is fair game.

I guess that means he's kinda busted- eh?


Gale NoName said...

Love the yarn. You just might motivate me to bring the spinning wheel back downstairs.

Brenda said...

We were over 100 degrees F last weekend; I stayed inside.

You have so many beautiful fibers to spin. It must be hard to choose what to spin first.

Nicole said...

You're a spinning inspiration! I need to pull out my wheel. Also, spinning involves holding less hot wool on ones lap than knitting... Good idea for summer. It's hot here, too.

Brigitte said...

Yeah, I'd run away screaming only I'd collapse from the heat before I took 3 steps. My laundry took 6 hours to dry outside today.

I'd be spinning Sid and Nancy just for the name.

Chris said...

Hopefully you get some of the cooler weather that arrived here today!

Happy Solstice! :)

Carrie K said...

Isn't Laura getting a nice cross stitch project at the same time? That seems only fair.

I'm sure Kitten Chow went completely unnoticed.

mrspao said...

Hehe :) Sirius is pretty naughty when pao is away. He does lots of things he isn't meant to do.