Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Tour of Sissinghurst (Not)

I guess if I posted more often, I would be more in touch with what day and month it is- May is almost over.  We've had some humid weather, which should have clued me in, but you know, I do my best not to acknowledge that kind of thing, because the last 2 summers we've had have been hellish. The Fifth Ring of hell.
So I've been busy in the garden, along with FC- who is more talented in that department than I give him credit for. He removed an ugly bush and planted clematis, and hostas. There are some herbs in there too- as well as my weird stone ball cat.
This is in the front, and there are sedums and some Jack Frost plants, as well as those solar lamps that change colours.  They look like raindrops.
Poppies- which are all over the place.
And a few tomato plants, and lots of herbs.  I guess this means I have to water everything, doesn't it?
In knitting news, I have finished the Fair Isle, and just need to add buttons. I'll do the photo shoot in the fall, in High Park.  The hap shawl has the same colours in it.

I've also made some Christmas gifts-(I know, I know......)
And KC, has been busy growing back the chin hairs.  I always fold a quilt for him on the sofa, and he rolled off and went to sleep in the crack between the cushions. He stayed there most of the day.  What a guy.


Chris said...

Your yard looks gorgeous! :)

Christmas presents already?!?!?

Brenda said...

Lovely yard! Clematis are so pretty--something to look forward to.

Great colors in the sweater. You don't want to model it while it's over 90 outside?

Brigitte said...

You've been busy; Christmas already...sheeeit.

KC sleeps like Malcolm - an F5 could roll through and he'd sleep through it.

Nicole said...

Lovely yard!

Also, don't tell Chris, but I have been knitting Christmas presents too.

mrspao said...

Christmas presents? Wow you are organised.