Monday, May 14, 2012

At The Zoo

"Someone tells me it's all happening at the zoo.
I do believe it, I do believe it's true....."

Paul Simon

I have spent the last weekend planting and weeding, and despite saying I won't, spending money on new plants.  I'll show you my new beds next time.  And some knitting.

I've moved so many times in my life, that I can never quite believe that anything is permanent.  So I never plan anything for the long term. I'll never get to see those maple saplings grow up, sort of thing.

In High Park, around Grenadier Pond, we saw this Canada Goose family- you won't believe the size of the babies this week, or the cuteness of their goosie bums.

I wanted to grab one and run, but you can see the male was very protective. Having been bit by one of these birds as a child, I can tell you, they hurt.

Down at the zoo, the peacocks were strutting their stuff. It's hard to get good pictures through the fence, but all three of them had their tails up.
The Bison are shedding- and were too far away for me to get any fiber.

My friend reminded me of The Princess Bride- "A Rodent of An Unusual Size"- and the Capybaras are the largest rodents. I am fascinated by them.  And I wanted to grab one of those too- the baby is beyond adorable.

I can imagine FC coming home. "Lorraine, what's that in the living room?" "Oh, it's okay, just a Capybara".
At home, in my own private zoo- Kitten Chow has suffered the indignity of a shaved chin.  Send healing thoughts.


Chris said...

Oh, poor KC!! Does he have kitty zits?

Bridget said...

Poor kitlet! I hope he'll feel better soon.

Lorraine said...

Chris- Kitty Zits-

well, that or allergies.

Gale NoName said...

Would KC have chased the capybara?

Carrie#K said...

Poor KC. But better the indignity of a shaved chin than sharing a catbed with a capybara.

Brenda said...

Poor KC! I hope he is feeling better. I've had a Canada goose parent come after me in a park. I was 10 ft from it's goslings and moving away!

Anna said...

Capybaras are adorable animals! Have you seen the funny photo of the capybara in a canoe?

By the way, I am a knitter with a soft spot for fair isle knitting - that is how I found your blog and your wonderful designs!