Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toronto Life

The weather here has been up and down for the past few weeks. Today it is back to being cold, but it was positively balmy for the last few weeks.

We went for a walk in High Park and took some pics of the fire from March17.  Why anyone would torch a kid's playground boggles the mind.  The good news is alot of people are coming together with funds to rebuild it.  I played here as a kid, but the castle wasn't there then.

You know that spring is coming when you see cool cars like this one.
My Fair Isle cardigan now has sleeves, and all I need to do is add the button band. Yay.
I am working on this Dragonfly themed shawl by Lori Law, a very talented Canadian designer that I have had the pleasure of meeting on more than one occasion. The fiber is BFL from Fat Cat Knits in "Dragonfly".
And some kitties are wondering what the Easter Bunny will be bringing this year.  We will see.


Gale NoName said...

Your sweater sure is beautiful.

Chris said...

Ugh, that makes so sense about the playground. :(

Your sweater is gorgeous!

mrspao said...

Hopefully KC will get a cat treat or two? That is a beautiful sweater!

Carrie#K said...

Oh! I was thinking that structure looked so cool - but it's a torched playground structure? What is WRONG with people?

Hmm. Cadbury eggs? I don't think KC would approve as much as I would. ;)

edeemarla said...

Sweater looks amazing but YOU look tremendous...getting younger looking every day! Keep up the great work...on all

Brigitte said...

There for a sec I thought that was your car. Neighbours down the street used to have an old red VW beetle just like that one.

Nicole said...

People can be horrid. Who would torch a playground?

Did the Easter Bunny bring anything fun for the kitty?