Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pooh Bear in the Honey Pot

I almost didn't make it to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning.  Someone (cough, FC) has put the garage remote somewhere, and I had to get the Raging Success to get the spare one out of his truck. This is how things are set up around here.  I don't have keys to the garage door either, so I would have been stuck.
Like Pooh Bear.

But that's life.  I find that I have to force myself to do things.  When I do them, I am happy, but the motivation to do them in the first place just isn't there.  Okay, enough.

I  have completed my handspun hooded sweater.  I lurve knitting with handspun, and this is perfect.  Totally the kind of thing I have always longed for.  I did somehow manage to put the buttonholes on the left side, but other than that, I am pleased.  I used a 3needle I cord bind off for the hood, and an I cord bind off for the front edges- so it has some nice details.  The fiber is from (where else?) Fat Cat knits, and it's Polwarth in Shadowed Glen, with some turquoise added. Thanks again, Ginny.
I spun some BFL in Dragonfly- loved every second of this too.
Some of you may remember this design "Minstrel" that has been in the works for a long time.  I am on a mission to either finish things, or ditch them.  This has all the autumn colours I love, and I hope to photograph it THIS coming autumn- in my beloved High Park.  This is a cardigan, and there is a hap shawl too.
I do love Shetland yarn, and wanted to make Kate Davies "Rams & Yowes" blanket.  Added to the ever -expanding queue.  This is the Shetland Supreme, which I have worked with before, and I love it.  (I DO seem to be full of love today...)
Spring is springing- and the hyacinths smell gorgeous.
But Kitten Chow wants to know when squirreling season officially starts. Can someone help a kitty out with that?


Gale NoName said...

Very nice Lorraine.

Chris said...

Oh, your hoodie is lovely!! No wonder you're pleased with it. :)

Nicole said...

Love! I can't decide whether I like the yarn or the hoodie better... they're both awesome!

Linda said...

Wow, your hoodie is gorgeous, how much fibre did you buy to start with? I have about 800 grams of shetland fibre stashed away but it scares me silly to start spinning all that for a sweater!

Brigitte said...

Oh, I love the hoodie! I don't suppose you wrote up any notes...? :/

Yeah, I've been doing much the same thing - finishing up the long suffering projects, and if I don't feel the love, I put it in the ditch pile.

Minstel looks awesome...I love the yellow.

mrspao said...

Gorgeous hoodie!