Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybe Not A Good Thing

You know what?  Sometimes, it actually amazes me when I finish a project.  I tend to measure my life in terms of what I can accomplish in a given day.  I should be more focused on living rather than doing.  These thoughts are relevant- I just read the worst book on the planet.  No, I tell a lie- the universe.

I got this book, because, let's face it, we want to know what Martha is really like, and the author was a neighbor and friend.  She witnessed Martha's rise to the top, as well as Martha's divorce, and eventually her own marriage falls apart.  She accompanied MS on a number of trips, surprised to be billed later for her expenses, and seems to always be crying poor.(while telling us that she preferred shopping at Hermes)  I just wasn't buying any of it- she came off as a wannabe- and after the stock scandal that sent MS to jail, they were no longer friends.  I wonder what the point of this book really was. But then, who cares?

So why is this relevant?  I go to bed at night, making a mental list of what I actually did. When I wake up, I list what I can do in the day ahead.  I seem to have a hard time being in the moment, because once something is accomplished, I am onto the next thing.
 I finished my Boreal but I haven't blocked it. The Artesano Aran is wonderful yarn.  I did add some extra snowflakes in, so I wouldn't have to do as many long floats. I am really pleased.
FC is renovating our bathroom, and I have some stuff to do over the weekend.  One thing we all should make more time for is kitty snuggling. That is top priority.

Later, gators.


Carrie#K said...

Kitty snuggling can only be limited at your peril.

Your Boreal came out very nicely!

Probably the point was that she and MS once were besties.

Chris said...

That book sounds annoying!

Your Boreal is gorgeous!

mrspao said...

I love your Boreal!

I do like Martha Stewart Living Magazine but I would hate a book like that.

KC looks very cuddlesome.

Linda said...

Lovely, lovely knitting!

Nicole said...

I love the knitting, and the udea of adding snowflakes to avoid floats! Also, kitty snuggling should ALWAYS be a priority.

Nancy said...

The sweater came out beautifully! And I agree we all need to make more time for kitty snuggling.

Brigitte said...

I hate when I've invested time in a crap book. Something that should be a decent read that turns out to be a self-serving piece of schlok...

I really like your Boreal! I'm going to have to look into picking up that pattern.