Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tour de Fleece Highlights

The rain is here. Finally. The grass and gardens have become tinder dry, and it has been disgustingly hot. We got a few nice breezy days, but the heat is making me feel like a dried up slug, with tread marks on it from being run over by a monster truck.

I have no energy. We need to head right to September. And my fleece is all clean and fresh smelling.

I took part in my first Tour de Fleece. Here are some highlights of the tour:

This is some chunky Falkland in "Chevalier" - all fiber is by Fat Cat.

This is Polwarth "Wayfarer"- notice how the petunias pick up the color?

I spun 4 braids of Polwarth "Wizard Island"- and after plying this I ran out of steam. I watched everyone bypass me as I was in the ditch. But I had alot of fun, and amazing yarns for knitting.

I am knitting a top-down cardigan that I found on this blog- and this is the Sweet Tortie. Wonderful colors, amazing yarn- I am in love.

I've purchased a couple of books. This one I would consider "The Holy Tome" of fiber books, as it has all the information you are ever likely to need. Pictures, sources, how to spin and handle different fibers from wool, to Yak, to cat hair. Highly recommended, and well priced.

For pure aesthetic pleasure, this book is not as comprehensive, but oh, the sheepy delights of British Wool breeds. There are a few that made me wish I could have a small spinner's flock- somewhat dampened by actually having washed a fleece. All the same, I love this.

Kitten Chow sees no sense in spinning cat hair. He finds it absurd.


Jewel said...

Your Sweet Tortie is gorgeous!! I hope mine turns out as well.

Brenda said...

Beautiful colors in the yarns!
KC is a smart kitty. Although I have seen sweaters knit with yarn spun from dog fur. They must smell just lovely when wet.

Chris said...

Wow, those first two skeins are STUNNING!

We have heat, plus plenty of rain. At least the most recent flood watch has expired...

Brigitte said...

Wow, those are awesome colours! Good choices...

Glad to see it's not just my guys that make themselves comfortable where ever the hell they please, thank you very much.

Carrie K said...

Well, he has a point. I do love that first picture!

miyamojo said...

Love your yarn!
Love Chow too! :)

mrspao said...

Having washed several fleeces, I profess no desire to do so again! It is horrible!!

KC looks so gorgeous in that first photo and your yarns look even more so.

Nicole said...

I love your yarn! Especially the Wayfarer... stunning! And, as always, love the shots of Chow.

kangcaiyun said...

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