Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Llama Walk

It is mid July, and not surprisingly, it's what I call "Woofy weather"- something about Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Well, the humidex will be into the '50's this week, which is darned hot in anyone's language.

So what do you do in such weather? You wash fleece.

This is an 8lb Coopworth/Border Leicester/Corriedale natural colored fleece. I have been washing it in lingerie bags, small sections at a time. Sadly, Kramer wasn't sheared nicely, and was full of second cuts and major VM, so I gave up on it. This one is much nicer and will comb out beautifully.

I did finish my Foliage shawl- just have to block it. Handspun is much denser and heavier than millspun- this little shawl is heavy.

I will share this picture that my sister sent me- her friend was in Ottawa, and got up close to the Duchess. In the back, you can see that putz Stephen Harper. I bet they weren't there to see him.

On our weekly walk in High Park, we saw the zoo staff taking the Llama's for a stroll. I had to do a double take.

I asked if I could pat them, and he said not while they were walking them. They get nervous around the fountains-but they are well behaved, and the babies are in the back.

"LLama walking- people are silly"


Jeanne said...

Love the walking llamas! And she needs to have a burger or something - so skinny!

Chris said...

What fun photos! I'd do at least a double take if I'd seen llamas being walked.

Carrie K said...

Llama walking people are to be envied. Too cool.

Wow, your fleece washed out really well! Into a Foliage shawl!! (Or not. I crack me up.)

mrspao said...

I still have a stinky fleece to wash but can't bring myself to do it!! You are braver than I

Nicole said...

YOU might wash fleece. Personally, I decided to spin some silk.